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Waterfall Creek , Oregon

Waterfall Creek a is town on the east-coast in Oregon, USA. It is the main location for the storylines of Touch of Magic and Blue Moon. The town is a supernatural melting point and works as a magnet to all things magic , including witches and vampires. The city is the historical equivalent of Astoria, Oregon.


For events that happened here, see : Waterfall Creek/Events.

Waterfall Creek was founded in 1811 and incorporated into the Oregon Legislative Assembly in 1876. It is the first US settlement on the Pacific Coast and it also had the first US post office on the west of the Rocky Mountains. Among it's first inhabitants were James and Elisabeth Dawson who arrived there shortly after the 1804-1806 Lewis and Clark Expedition to Oregon Country. Members of the Saphire family can also be traced back to the early pioneer era during which the city was created.

Saint Joseph's Boarding School was founded in the 19th century and later turned into a semi-boarding high-school with SJ Middle School and SJ Elementary schools nearby. 

Somewhere in the late 19th century, J.L. Meier became the mayor of the town. May Miller was involved in the politics of the town through her connections with the mayor, but this got stopped by The Silverstone Family who resisted against vampires interfering in their town.  


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Culture CommitteeEdit

The Culture committee is a fraction of the town council. It is the main organ that organizes town festivities like Spring Festival and Fall Festival. In the Committee there are several members of the founding families, just like the town council and the history society. Notable members include Payton Silverstone.

History SocietyEdit

The history society is also a fraction of the town council, and watches over the preservation of the historical values of the town. Notable members include(d) Jodie Saphire and Keith Saphire (before their death) and Simon Fell.



Town propertiesEdit

  • Sint-Joseph's Boarding School

    Sint-Joseph's Boarding School (outside)

Sint-Joseph’s Boarding School (also known as SJBS) is a half-boardingschool named after a major of Waterfall Creek. The school is a campus, that has six buildings. There is a kindergarden with it's own building at the far north end of the campus. There's also another building from students in Elementary and Middle School. Classes for High school are in the right wing of the headbuilding. The administration is in the headbuilding as well as the library, recreational rooms, school cafeteria and the school newspaper. The boardingschool's rooms are in the left wing. The rooms are individual, in duo's or in a group of four students. Boys and girls in one room is prohibited. 

The school often has events like Homecoming, Winter Formal, and Prom as well as participating in the town's tradition of Fall Fest, Spring Festival and Founders Day Weekend. The school has a great reputation in Athletics with Track and Field, as well as several regional championships in Lacrosse and Basketball.

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  • Spellman Manor
The Miller Motel

Sint-Joseph's Boarding School (outside)

Archibald Manor, often referred to as The Miller Motel is the current headquarters of The Millers 2.0. It was formally known as Archilbald Manor, established by the Archibald Family. After several generations it got renovated into a motel, when the family got into some financial problems. As a motel it drawed mostly campers, looking for a safer place to spend the night after the recent disturbances of animal attacks in the area.

The motel got aquired by the town in the late 20th century. The town rented it to the history society, which used it as a museum to display this history society's finest objects. It got sold to May Miller in 2012 and subsequently enherited by Alyssa Miller in 2016.

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  • Waterfall Creek General

Waterfall Creek General is the main hosptial in Waterfall Creek and surrounding neighborhoods.

  • Felton Bridge

Felton Bridge is a bridge in the north of the city, and the main transportation route towards northern areas such as the Waterfalls, the Miller motel and the woods area. The bridge was temporarely closed due to damage by the accident that killed Jodie and Keith Saphire.

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