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The Travellers
Also Known as None
Founder Julie Dawson and John Dawson
Founded None
Status Desolved
Membercount 9
Base N/A
Motto Always and Forever
Allies The Anconi (limited allies)
Enemies The Dawsons
The Silverstones
The Travelers is a group of vampires lead by Julie Dawson and her brother John Dawson. The group is known to work as mercenaries, but only if it suits their own agenda.

Other members include Aria Woods, Ivy Woods, Tom Wayland, Mia Campo and Jake Campo

After the defeat of the Travellers by James Dawson and his family, the group got desolved. Some members joined The Millers, being recruited by Julie's trainee Matt O'Connell.


The group was founded by Julie Dawson and her brother John. They were turned into vampires by someone of the First Coven and Julie has had a mission of revenge ever since on her elder brother James escaped without them.  


The Travellers' code is "always and forever" and their sigil is a triskelion in honor of the three founders, Julie, John and their brother Joachim Dawson who died shortly after being turned.



The Travellers generally live by the Anconi rules, although they have chosen not to have a setttled residence as their name suggests. They do not have specific territorial restrictions because they aren't of significant size.


Julie and John have executive say in the actions and movements of the Travellers as a group. Other members aren't consulted in the plans. Matt O'Connell was turned by Julie for his leadership potential and was considered her second in command until he decided he didn't want to have anything to do with his sire. Since that point Julie has only trusted her brother. 


  • Paris Apartment: Aria Woods sold a Paris apartment that used to belong to Julie Dawson as a way to lure the Dawsons to Paris.