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The Dawsons
The Saphires (founding families)


Silverstone house

The Silverstones are a family that consists of mostly (female) witches of the Silverstone bloodline , their spouses and issue. They are one of the founding families of Waterfall Creek. The current generation of Silverstones consists of Payton and Claire Silverstone and their children.


The official start of the family is unknown , but most books found in Magicschool state that the Silverstone family got it's official origins with Gracie Silverstone as she was the first ever witch to be married and to have a husband aware of magic. Her ancestors are also part of the family, but they show less pressence in the human world.

Gracie Silverstone (born in 1621) was a young woman when she got married. At the age of 18 she gave birth to a daughter, Miranda. Miranda was a young promising witch and she continued the bloodline as she had 2 children : Madilyn in 1659 and Madison in 1661. As Madilyn died as a newborn, Madison continued the bloodline. With Madilyn's death the problem of conception and fertility began to emerge in the family.

The family line was able to kept alive for several generations with great difficulty. Martha Silverstone was born in 1681. Twenty years later Josephine Silverstone was born in 1701. Agnes (born in 1735) and Agatha Silverstone (born in 1752) were Josephine's daughter and granddaughter. In 1775 Georgina Silverstone was born after her mother had 4 miscarriages before her. Faye Silverstone was one of fraternal twins who survived the pregnancy in contrary to her twin in the final year of the 18th century.

Like her ancestors, Faye gave birth to a girl following two boys who died as newborns. Esther was wel loved by her parents, but they died a pretty early age. Originally, Esther did not intend to have children untill she got pregnant in 1843 of Claudia Silverstone. 

Claudia gave birth to Dolores in 1868. Dolores moved into the Silverstone house and she met with the Dawsons.  Her daughter Philippa showed to have mental issues from an early age and she wasn't expected to have children. Despite that, Philippa did but she died giving birth. Newborn Margareth got raised by the local nuns, and when she became of age she learned about her magical heritence. She married Ronald, and they had twin daughters named Caroll and Amélia in 1940. After the first world war, the couple died in a car-crash. Caroll Silverstone was left behind, and she sadly followed the path of her parents when she died at an early age herself in a fire in 1972. Amélia Silverstone was presumed death years before believed to have died in the car crash as well.

Caroll's daughter Lillian had a lot of weight on her shoulders from there on, and her relationship with wizard Christopher Greene was both positively and negatively received. Meanwhile, Amélia Silverstone, who had been saved by the elders, had given birth to a son. Stephan Silvester was the first wizard in the Silverstone bloodline to survive his first year since birth.

When Lillian and Christopher had a daughter in 1989,the magical communtiy rejoiced. Lillian named her Payton. Later on they had another daughter in 1991, named Claire. Claire and Payton grew up without their parents when Lillian and Christopher got assasinated in 1993. The elders stepped in and didn't allow the girls to be raised by their paternal family. They also did the same thing by forcing Stephan Silvester to live in hiding. Despite being aware of his magical heritence, he lived a normal life untill his mother died. A few years after that he conceived a child with one of his patients in the hospital where he worked as a doctor. Riley was born in 1996 and lived the majority of her life unaware of her magical heritence after her father had left when she was still a baby.

Touch of MagicEdit

The Silverstone family underwent its most drastic change in 2010 when Payton gave birth to Alena. Not only was she the daughter of Payton making her a Silverstone-Greene. Alena was also the daughter of Jason Dawson making her a dhampire. Two more children followed out of Payton and Jason's marriage ; AJ and Amore in 2012 and 2014 respectively. Meanwhile, Claire caused for a family unique event when she gave birth to twin girls. The girls surpassed their first birthday unlike many twins in the family in the past. Seth Dawson was the proud father of Claire's children. They're Dhampires ,classifying them als half-human and half-vampire by physical appearance. However, they show to be perfectly skilled in both witchcraft and hunting in adolesence, indicating they are equally parts witches and vampires.  They also carry their paternal names, causing the Silverstone name to end with Payton and Claire. 


In 2015 Riley tracks down her paternal cousins and she meets the family she never had. Payton and Claire welcome her into their family, and they promise to find Riley's father for her. When they do, Stephan apologizes to his daughter. He moves to Seattle and goes to work in a hospital there, often visiting his daughter who lives in Salem with Tristan. Riley's connection to the hunters provides security for the Silverstone family that they won't be hunted on. It is also revealed that the hunters were the cause of the many accidents happening in the 20th century in an attempt to end the bloodline.

Blue MoonEdit

In the future, the Silverstone bloodline is continued through Alena, AJ, Amanda, Alexis, Amore, Aaden. In 2020 the bloodline welcomes new additions to the bloodline; twin sisters Miya and Kira Silverstone-Davis.


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Silverstones have lived in the town of Waterfall Creek for centuries, since they have helped it built. Other places Silverstones have lived include Salem, Oregon and Portland, Oregon. Waterfall Creek is special to them because it has a portal to magicschool, located in the Silverstone House, a property that has been in the family's inheritage for a long time.

With the death of Lillian and Christopher, they lost it. Payton and Claire were both infants, and the city's child protective services stepped in immediatly, assigning custody over the kids to Lucy Greene. In reality, they went to the Magical Dimension, and the legal issues were left unresolved because Lucy had to dissapear for her own safety. This left the house to be abandoned. It was purchased by the city a few years in, but because of its unique architecture they couldn't destroy it, so they left it alone.

The Silverstone Sisters had to wait a long time untill they could restore it to its former glory. Originally, they'd have to wait untill Claire's 18th birthday. When she would turn 18, their combining power of omnikinesis would be activated, resulting in the ability to open the vault in Magicschool that contained their family's extensive wealth. But Payton didn't feel like obeying the rules, and she went on to buy the house with the help of James Dawson, her brother-in-law. With him and Paul Creeton's help, they were able to rebuild and renovate the house to what it used to be; a place fitted for a family.

They have managed to co-exist with a vampire group , the Dawson family, that helpt built the town to. In the three times the family has returned to the town, every new generation of Silverstone witches has found it in their hearts to welcome the vampires into their city. The most current generation of witches, has done even more then that.