Saphire Family
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Chris Saphire
Justin Saphire (not biological)
Keith Saphire
Jodie Saphire




The Saphires are a founding family of Waterfall Creek with several generations of military soldiers and town sheriff's in their family tree. Notable members of the family are Chris Saphire, Keith Saphire and Justin Saphire though the latter is factually adopted.


The first Saphires where deputy's in the town of Waterfall Creek, several hundred years ago. When one of them grew to be sherif they decided they wanted a seat in the towns council. They knew about the vampires and the witches, but they didn't want the humans to feel left out.  Because of that they decided to join the vampires and witches in making Waterfall Creek a nice and safe place to live. For both humans and magical creatures. They built the Waterfall Creek that is is now and over time a lot of members from the Saphires joined the army. They wanted to protect the humans from all the bad in the world and help a little.  Waterfall Creek has had a lot of Saphire sheriffs over time and there where lots of Saphires involved in the security business of the town.They grew out to be the protectors of the human part of the town, while the magical side fought their own wars and lived their own lives. Over time the members of the Saphire family didn't tell their children about witches and vampires and magic, because they thought it would scare them... And after time they didn't believe anymore. So until this day they had no idea about the other world that was all around them.

Waterfall Creek Edit

Keith Saphire was the last of the Saphire family who lived in Waterfall Creek. His father and grandfather joined the army, so it was almost logical he would too. His wife, Jodi, and his two sons, Justin and Chris, stayed behind in Waterfall Creek when he had to go fight in some human war. His oldest son, steph-son (as he isn't the biological father of Justin, but sees him as one of his own), Justin, is the one bringing magic back in the family.  In school he meets the Silverstone sisters and when he gets a vampire for a girlfriend the circle is round again. History repeats itself as Justin and Chris come to know about magic again. When Jodi and Keith die in a caraccident, that wasn't really an accident, the two brothers are the ones keeping the Saphires in Waterfall Creek. Justin is the longtime girlfriend of Alyssa Miller, a vampire, and becomes one of the most powerfull people in Waterfall Creek, on the magical side. He is one of the few people representing the humans in Waterfall Creek.  Chris decides to go study Criminal Justice in Portland an thereby follows in the footsteps of his ancestors. He wants to carry on the legacy they have left and do some good for the human side of Waterfall Creek, like his ancestors.