Saphire-Miller House
Location Information

Alyssa Miller
Justin Saphire
Damien Saphire
Chris Saphire (during breaks)
Jade Miller (temporarly)
Pierre Ambroise (temporarly)




Waterfall Creek


352 Garden Street

The Saphire-Miller house is the second house of Justin Saphire and Alyssa Miller. It is located in the new part of Garden Street. The house is a showcase of luxury, but Alyssa and Justin's lifestyle isn't that much affected by it. Alyssa and Justin co-own the house despite the funding coming from Alyssa's enheritance. While Alyssa and Justin travel back and forth a lot to New York, the house is the primary location where their kids grow up.


  • Alyssa Miller
  • Justin Saphire
  • Damien Saphire
  • Daphne Saphire
  • Jade Miller (temporarly)
  • Maria (housekeeper)



After May had cut of Alyssa financially , the couple got financial problems and struggled paying bills. After holding on for a while , they decided they would have to sell their house because it costed to much to live there. This included selling the guesthouse , where Chris lived.

They moved in with James and Elisabeth and when Alyssa enherited her mother's millions , they started searching for a new house. Just before Alyssa went into detox , they decided to built a house instead , and purchased a property in the new Garden Street


The house is close to 7000 square feet big , almost three times the size of their previous house.

Ground FloorEdit

The entry hall has double curved stairs. There is a formal living room where a lot of stuff with memories and values is situated , such as some pictures from Justin and his parents and Alyssa and her friend Jason and Seth. Next to it is the study , which is mostly used by Justin. Across from it is a powder room and the hallway then curves to the great room. The great room is 2 stories high. It has a huge fireplace and L-shaped couch for the whole family. It flows into the dining area towards the kitchen. The kitchen also has a little passageway with the pantry , leading to the dining room back at the front of the house , which is also accesible through the foyer. Underneath the right curved stairs is a 'whine' cellar , accesible through the dining room , great room corridor and with a little bar towards the kitchen. The back of the house features a 2 car-garage , laundry room and luxury guest room , which Maria uses. On the other side of the patio and accesible throught the great room is the master bedroom. The master bedroom is huge , and has a bathroom to match it. The bathroom has luxury bath and shower , double sinks and gives acces to a massive walk-in closet.

  • Kitchen
  • Entry

Second FloorEdit

On the second floor there are 6 more bedrooms , giving the house a total of 8. The upstais foyer looks down to the great room and foyer downstairs. Part of it is a loft where a pool table is situated. More entertainment includes a home-theater. Next to the home-theater is the second guest bedroom , which Chris uses. In this area of the house there is another stairs which brings you to the first floor mud room. On the other side of the pool-table there are 2 bedrooms. One is situated above the walkway and one-car garage. It has it's own balcony and is pretty secluded from the rest of the house. It face the back-yard , while the room next to it is looking out on the street. This is Damien's bedroom. It has it's own bathroom. It has a shared 'study-room' with the room across the foyer-overlook. The study-room is situated above the foyer and connects to the second largest upstairs bedroom. This one also looks out on the street , and has it's own bathroom too. Above the master bed- and bathroom are 2 more bedrooms , the one facing the garden with it's own balcony. They share a bathroom.