McKenzie Beachhouse
McKenzie Beachhouse
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The McKenzie Family




Waterfall Creek


Coast Lane 13

The McKenzie beachhouse is the current residence of Alyson and Dylan McKenzie , and their daughter Aylin. 


Alyson and Dylan baught the property in 2006, when the Dawsons were preparing to move to Waterfall Creek. They didn't reside there untill the beginning of 2009, while preparing for the wedding, due to the continious pressence of Payton and Claire at The Dawson House. They eventually got married at the beach just outside of the house, and held the rest of the wedding in the house.

They stayed there untill the fall of 2010, when they moved out after the death of Lauren Dawson and Nate Dawson. They re-located to their house in the hamptons. In 2014 they return for the 23rd birthday of Claire. When there's word of an attack from May Miller, they decide to stay to help out their family. Even after the battle, they agree that their daughter should be raised amongst family. In the aftermath of the battle with May, Alyssa and Justin move in once Alyssa has made peace with Alyson.