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Dawson House
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James Dawson
Elisabeth Dawson
Jason Dawson (formerly)
Seth Dawson (formerly)
Nate Dawson (formerly)
Lauren Dawson (formerly)
Dylan McKenzie (formerly)
Alyson McKenzie (formerly)




Waterfall Creek



 The Dawson house is the house owned by James and Elisabeth. It is situated in Waterfall Creek and surrounded by forrest. The adress is Royal Oaks Lane 7, Waterfall Creek.


For events that happened here, see : The Dawson House/Events.

The Dawson house has been part of the Dawson-family since it was built, which was a few decades after the town was founded. 

The Dawsons have resided in this house a total of three times, the most recent one in the 21st century. When they had to relocate, James decided he wanted to move back to the only house they had built themselves. In order to reside in the Dawson house they had to agree with the current generation of Silverstone witches.

Aside from agreements with the Silverstones, the Dawson also have experienced territorial struggles with the house. Since it's located in between The Eureka's and the rogue cities of Portland/Vancouver, Seattle and canadian Vancouver.

Despite this, the Dawsons have always protected their home, and they have resided there since 2007. In 2015, no Dawson member lives there anymore when James dies. Elisabeth still holds the deed to the house, but since Alyson and Dylan live in the Beachhouse the Dawson house is uninhabited.


Because of their attendency at SJBS as official boarding students , both Seth and Jason officially live there, but they rarely spend time in their room as time progresses.When they move away to follow Payton and Claire to university , they try to keep visiting as much as possible. During his break-up with Payton , Jason actually lives in the Dawson house again from winter to early summer. During that summer , Alyssa also stays there , although she is unconsious for a while.

Dylan and Alyson do own their beachhouse , and Lauren and Nate own a cabin in the woods , so they do not spend all of their time in the Dawson house , but it is still their main residence. In Alyson and Dylan's case that is mostly before they get married.


The Plantage-style house is a true beauty , and is described by Payton and Claire as magnificent. It has a huge foyer , with a curving stairs. Straight ahead is the great room which has all earthy-tones. Next to the fireplace on the right is a door leading to the master bedroom , along with it's own bathroom which takes up most of the right side of the first floor. Next to the foyer on it's right is only a library , where we can often find James or Jason. On the left side of the foyer there is the dining room , which they rarely use but for which they do have a seating arrangement. The dinign room leads through a butlers pantry and utility room to the kitchen with keeping room. Through the keeping room you can walk into the living room again , which is really the center room of the house.

Upstairs there are 5 bedrooms. When coming up the stairs , there is a main hallway. On it's right is one door , to Jason's bedroom. The room is spacious and looks out on the beautifull garden. It also has a fireplace ,and it's own bathroom and walk-in closet , along with a small bay window seat. Seth's room is across the hall , which looks over to the side of the house , to the rose-garden. It has lots of windows and blue and grey colours. Next to Seth's is Alyson and Dylan's bedroom.