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The Millers and The Millers 2.0


Historical manor and homebase of the Millers


Waterfall Creek


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The Spellman Manor is the headquarter of The Millers under the leadership of May Miller in preparation for her attack on Waterfall Creek. After her defeat, Alyssa Miller enherits it and it functions as a base for The Millers 2.0 for a while.

The manor is located 7 miles outside of Waterfall Creek city limits.


The manor was built in 1648 and was used as a local pub and tavern for the travellers that went through Waterfall Creek. It was owned by an old grumpy man, but he loved what he did. When he died his only daughter decided to keep her fathers legacy in order. As time went by several generations owned the tavern. All with different values of hospitality. 

In the 1900's someone decided to change it to a manor . It was still used by the same kind of travellers, but it became more and more neglected. When in the 1950's there were some unexplained murders in the manor the town's council decided that it should be closed down until further notice. It became a town monument untill May Miller bought it several years later when she wanted a place in Waterfall Creek where she should stay. She used it as a safe house, but also as a place for some of her vampires to stay and to feed. She killed 2 of the inspectors who came to do their annual check and made it seem like an animal had attacked them. Ever since, the city has kept it's employees away from the place. They were also alarmed by some unexplained disappearances in the area. No one ever saw those humans again. 

Present day When May died her daughter Alyssa became the new owner of the manor. As a result of her becoming the new leader of the Millers she decided that the manor should become their home base in Waterfall Creek. There are some other residents and safe houses of the Millers, but as both Jason and Alyssa live in Waterfall Creek, this becomes the main base. 

Alyssa decided that she wanted to renovate the whole place because it made her feel sad and angry. She chose Matt to supervise the renovations as she wanted it to be done as soon as possible and she wanted it to be a place where everyone could feel a little bit like home. She meets the leaders of other vampire groups here and tries to rule the Millers from Waterfall Creek. 

When a journalist found out that someone was renovating the manor ,he became very curious about why anyone would renovate such an old building. Digging into it he found some things that were odd. So he decided to do a study on everything involving the manor. He came to know that the money spend on the manor just appeared from somewhere and no one could explain where from. He was determined to find out what was happening. When Jason and Alyssa found out they knew that they had to do something about the legal issues they had with the money involved with the club and the manor. Justin found out that creating a fund for his son Damien would make the money legal. Ánd no one could ever find out, because that information was secret. 

Payton also went to the Daily Creek to talk to Simon Fell, the journalist. She tried to make him see that doing this wasn't the right solution. That it was just a way to discover someones horrible history and that if he wanted someones tragic history he should take hers. From that moment Simon temporarily drops the search for answers involving the manor and starts focussing on the death of Lillian Silverstone and Christopher Greene.


Prior to the massacre

After the massacre


Main BuildingEdit

The manor counts 12 rooms , 4 bigger ones and 8 smaller ones. There are 2 living rooms, a spacious kitchen and a dinner room in the original lay-out. With the renovations a third room was added on the back right part of the house , and the shed got replaced by a fully operative epicentre of the Millers. Inside the manor itself are the 2 main offices for Alyssa and Jason in the former parlor and music room respectively, at the front of the house. A third office is decorated for Matt , Jade and Emilia. 

Ground floorEdit

Second floorEdit



The poolhouse is a seperate building on the manor property. It was mainly used by May to store all the files and paperwork. Alyssa demolishes this building (which she refers to as the shed) and places a modern facility which serves as the technological homebase for the Millers. The poolhouse has build in bunkbeds, to provide a seperate sleeping arrangement.


On the very far and of the property, after a quarter mile walk according to Justin, there is a barn. It serves as a permanent living quarter for some more prominent members of the coven, such as Scott, Emilia, Ingrid, Antoine, Maria, Skye, Kayla and Beth. Members of the guard also have a room assigned, but they more often spend their time on the job instead of hanging around in the barn. The barn also doubles as a garage for 5 cars.