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The Silverstone bloodline is the bloodline of the descendants of the 3rd Ancient Witch , Samyra.Due to the high amount of power they have , they have been hunted and are the main focus of the witch-raid.

The most notable members of the bloodline include Payton Silverstone, Claire Silverstone and their children. Additional important members are Riley Davis and Mitch.

Meaning and symbolismEdit

The name Silverstone is an English translation of ‘Lapis Argentis’, the name of the stone that represented the bloodline. This stone is now still seen in the middle of the triquetra, the sign of the bloodline and is part of a special objects every witch of the bloodline possesses (f.e. a necklace , a ring , ...)

  • A ring Claire is often seen wearing
  • A ring Seth had forget to prove his allegiance to the Silverstone bloodline, while in magicschool
  • A Silverstone heirloom, frequently worn by Payton
  • A Silverstone heirloom, Caroll's wedding ring worn by Alena
  • Stefan Silvester's ring, worn as a reminder of his origin
  • Box in the attic of the Silverstone house
  • Payton's jewelery box
  • The Silverstone Family Spellbook


Until 1621 the bloodline was not activated. Only when Gracie Charlotte Silverstone was born , the bloodline was activated due to a large vampire/witch incident. Hereby , it was the first bloodline to be activated and is the strongest , because it hasn’t died until present day. The activation was also the only one with an undirect cause , and therefore only the first witch/wizard born after it had active powers. In contrary to other bloodlines, the event triggering the activation was specified by one person ,and this person gained the powers. Gracie Silverstone gained the power of telekinesis, which is now a standard power within the matriline of the Silverstones (female members). After that, every descendant in the matriline gained another power, thus creating the following powers :

  • Telekinesis
  • advanced pyrokinesis
  • advanced hydrokinesis
  • levitation
  • mind reading
  • empathy (Payton)
  • healing (Payton)
  • force field (Claire)

The Silverstones are also characterized by strengt (both physical and mentally) , leadership , social abilities and wealth. These are their so called 'talents' , resulting in the fact that most Silverstones end up in a social environment, in a leading position. They are smart, strong men and women.

Magical dimensionEdit

The Silverstone bloodline has a big represention in the magical dimension. 80% of the people attending or visiting magicschool are from the Silverstone Bloodline. They also have excellent connections with most other bloodlines, and houses from those bloodlines.  The Silver Castle is, added to the list of thriving Silverstone pressence, the biggest castle in the dimension, and is most talked about. Both the castle and the inhabitants of it form a big topic of discussion amongst the inhabitants of the magical dimension.


House SilverstoneEdit

For the main line of descendants , see The Silverstone Family

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