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Sanguis is an area in the magical dimension located on the Western part of the island. It is where the 'fire Castle' is situated , built by the second bloodline, the Hainasoni. The regional specialty is the lapig ignis , a firestone.

Bloodline & CastleEdit

The Hainasoni bloodline is the bloodline of descendants of the second oldest Ancient Witch , Doraeha. They have in general a bad reputation in the magical community, due to the suppression by May Miller. After her death , the bloodline will start to regain composure and restore it's appearance.

The fire Castle gets its name from the way it looks. It consists of only red and brown stones and there appears to be fire burning behind every window. The castle is located at the heart of Sanguis, in Ignia City. The family living there are some decedents from the first Hainasoni witches.


The name of the bloodlines thesedays is Hainasoni because of the place where the tribe lives; Haines, Alaska. Sanguis means blood. It is significant for the Hainasoni, because they practise blood magic.

This results in the fact that the Hainasoni bloodline is  one of the two whose name is not related to the stone that is to be found in special objects, such as a necklace or a ring. The shorter version is simply Haines (after the town), and can mean Hawthorn (again a reference to the blood and fire) Before , the name of the descendants of Doraeha had different spellings, but were all variations of Ignis (Ignis, Ignatius,...) which is the latin word for fire, but the official name of the bloodline became Hainasoni when it was activated. Only few of the Hainasoni witches or wizards carry the name Ignis/Ignatius because of the transition in 1820. However these people are still respected, because they carry the name that goes back to their original element; fire.

Location & ClimateEdit

Sanguis is located at the Western part of the Island. It is located near a sleeping volcano, one of the many reasons why this part of the Island carries this name. It is the second biggest area, but doesn’t have as much inhabitants.

The culture of Sanguis can be described as hot and cloudy. There are dark clouds hanging above this area most of the days, but the heat can be very unpleasant. There are not many people from other areas who would like to go here. The people living in Sanguis don’t know any better and are used to the heat. It almost never rains in Sanguis, but there are significant thunderstorms known in this area. Once in a hundred year the volcano becomes active again and spits out fire.


There is a very specific culture in Sanguis. People only do magic involving blood and fire, which makes them a little feared by others. They also celebrate everything that has to do with the sun. So the first day of summer is the one day a year where they practise the most difficult kinds of bloodmagic. That is also the day where the life rings of the Millers are made.

They also celebrate the volcano once a year. People go to the edge of the sleeping volcano and do spells together to bless their families and pray for a good harvest. Teenagers dare each other to go down to a lower part of the volcano on this day and the party at the edges. This party ends with a death most of the times, but the witches and wizards see that as a great sacrifice to the volcano. When no one dies they believe there won’t be a good harvest.

Significant placesEdit

Fire IslandEdit

The Island is located at the South side of Sanguis. About 300 meters of shore you'll see the edges of the Island. It is seen as the center of Sanguis. Although it is not located in the most easiest place to reach. 

  • The Fire Castle
  • Bonfire Isle, the place where the volcano is located. It's a little isle at the side of the big Island. Bonfire Isle is a place where people come to pray and to perform special spells and rituals. 

Flamma DessertEdit

Flamma Dessert is the hottest part of whole Sanguis. During the day the sun will burn down on you and at night the heat stays stuck to the ground. The air will cool off, but if you walk on the sand you will leave with blisters everywhere. Because of the hotness people tend to avoid this place. 

  • Ignia city, Is de biggest city in Sanguis. You would think the castle was located here, but that's not the fact. The original family of Ignatius are decendent from here and therefore a lot of the family members still live here. 
  • Vertiron, Is one of the smaller cities in Sanguis, but is significant for the spell that was invented there. With this spell a fire could be kept burning until eternity. 
  • Summerash, is the place where they come to worship the spirits of their ancestors and where they remember their lost relatives. A lot of deceased people are burried here. 


Rivulusa is the most livable place in Sanguis. Most people live here and therefore it is pretty crowded. A lot of small towns are situated here. 

  • Feyton, is the biggest city in Rivulusa and the hometown of many important people in Sanguis. 
  • Dragonlake, Is significant for the myth that once dragons found their mates there. Nowadays there is a lake on the east side of the town, where teenagers go to and have fun.