Phoebe Curtis
Biographical information
Full birthname Phoebe Esme Curtis
Also known as Pheebs
The Pink Princess (People in Divitia)
Titles Queen Phoebe (Amertas)
The Pink Princess (People in Divitia)
Born February 22nd 1998
Turned N/A
Died None
Age 16/17 (Season Four)
17/18 (Season Five)
18/19 (Season Six)
19/20 (Season Seven)
20/21 (Season Two (Justice))
Occupation Student at SJBS
Back-up support for The Shadow.
Residence The Silverstone House (S4 - S6)
Portland Apartment (S7 - S1)
Supernatural information
Species Royal Witch
Bloodline Curtis Bloodline
Abilities Powers:
  • Geokinesis
  • Advanced spellcasting
  • Crystal channeling
  • Advanced Agrokinesis
  • Amokinesis
  • Aura generation and visibility
Family & Relationships
Parents Linda Curtis (mother)
Unnamed father
Siblings Hayden Curtis (brother, deceased)
Eloïse Curtis (sister, deceased)
Connor Curtis (brother)
Ariël Curtis (brother)

Chloë Curtis (sister, deceased)

Relatives The Curtis Family
Sexuality Straight
Relationships Chris Saphire (boyfriend)
Children Quinn Saphire
Logan Saphire
Avery Saphire
Physical description
Height Unknown
Hair Color blonde
Eye Color blue
Portrayed By Indianna Evans
I'm basically cupid but i've never experienced love myself. How would that work?
— Phoebe to her older brother Connor

Phoebe Curtis is one of the main characters in Touch of Magic. She is a young witch and the pupil of Claire and Payton Silverstone. She is the teammate and girlfriend of Chris Saphire.

She is an SJBS alumni and close friends with Nikki Marin and Bella Zeiman. She briefly studied computer science in Portland.

She is a witch of the Curtis Bloodline and magical royalty as the true queen of Amertas. She is part of The Curtis Family and the The Saphire Family through Chris Saphire with strong connections to The Silverstones and The Greene Family.


Early LifeEdit

Phoebe was born as the last daughter of Linda Curtis and ... Curtis. Her mother Linda Curtisis a gynecologist  and her father was a professor. When she was 2, her father was assigned to teach in the University of Arizona, where they lived for 6 years. After that they move to New York for Connor's reforming education.  Around the age of 9 she found out about her magical powers, something her mom had been hesitant to talk about due to their family history. For years, Phoebe tried to get her mom to teach her more, and eventually she had to teach herself the basics of magic. Her brother and sisters didn't have any active powers, leaving Phoebe with a lot of questions. Eventually Phoebe arranged for her to attend SJBS by convincing her dad to let her move to the boarding school.

Season FourEdit

She moved to Waterfall Creek, and attempted to contact the Silverstones because she knew they were the only witches she would be able to reach out to. She soon got to learn more about the human side of the legendary witches as stories of Payton and Claire at her new school proved they were well loved. When she meets Chris Saphire who attends the alumni council at SJBS, he states that he knows them pretty well. They exchange number with Chris promising he would find out if Payton still worked at the newspaper like the heard last time.

With Phoebe showing up at The Creek Daily, Payton was thrown off guard but then saw that Phoebe needed guidance and she invited the young witch to the house later on for dinner. That is when Claire uncovered Phoebe's application for a dorm at SJBS had gone wrong, and while Payton is hesitant about it, Claire eventually offers Phoebe to stay in the guest room until she figured things out.

As the school year kicks off, Phoebe tries to find her footing and she befriends Nikki and Bella. When she sees Chris again at school, she asks her friends about them which is when Phoebe finds out more about him. When Chris smiles at her, her friends curiously ask her if they know each other and Phoebe gets a bit confused as to why someone like him would be so nice to her. Nikki comments that they're both tortured souls, and that the city has a tendency to bring darkness into people's lives. Phoebe calls Nikki a spiritual weirdo. 

Upon finding out about Payton's pregnancy, Phoebe drops the fact that her mom, a witch, is a gyneacologist and would be able to help Payton and Elisabeth. Payton insists on doing something for Phoebe in return, but Phoebe states that she is already living in their house. Payton then decides she would teach Phoebe a bit more about magic once her maternity leave starts.

  • party that both Phoebe & Chris attend?
  • Chris & Nora dating
  • end of S4 plot? Linda coming to town?

Season FiveEdit

Consoling Chris when he grieves Nora

Phoebe is originally against the idea of Chris being in Portland by himself.

Season SixEdit

in Season Six, Phoebe shows off her new advanced magic skills to her sister who has arrived early for ther graduation.

Season SevenEdit



Phoebe is kind, social and independent. She cares about her family but considers her friends her family just as much. She makes those easily, and she is a good listener.


Phoebe has blonde wavy hair and blue eyes. She has a tanned skin from living in Arizona from the age of 2 to 8.

To see Phoebe's outfits throughout the season, see Phoebe Curtis/Appearance


Before she was born, her mother and her sibling's powers were taken away. Because she was still an unborn foetus at that moment, Phoebe kept her powers. It is unknown if she absorbed some of her siblings' magical energy at the moment their powers were taken away, as she is significantly more strong than her siblings would have been.

Her powers started to manifest in her early teens, and with her mother too focussed on her religion, Phoebe turns to the Silverstones for guidance.

With them she learns to control her rapidly growing powers, spells and magical history. Eventually she gets encouraged by them to take her birthright, the throne to Amertas. She goes to Amertas and gets coronated, receiving tips from Lestia Cerwyne. She is queen of Amertas up until she makes the decision she wants to have kids. When she does, she asks Lestia to be Regent until her children are old enough to make the choice themselves. When Lestia asks why Phoebe decides to no longer be queen, Phoebe states she is chosing love over a crown, 'like any other Curtis witch would'.

Phoebe's powers include:

  • Geokinesis

Like all witches Phoebe can manipulate elements derived from the earth in a basic form.

  • Advanced spellcasting

Phoebe can cast and eventually creates spells on an advanced level, excelling in it further than any Curtis witch has ever been able to.

  • Crystal channeling

Phoebe can channel crystals for energy. She has three specific crystals she focusses on, as she has linked them to the wellbeing of her siblings.

  • Advanced Agrokinesis

Phoebe has developed advanced agrokinesis as a result of her main experimenting being with plants. She also studies books from the Greene Bloodline while she lives at The Silverstone House where she gathers more information.

  • Amokinesis

Phoebe is an empath to a certain extent, as she can sense romantic emotions. Later she uses to control them, as she masters to augment and negate love as an emotion.

  • Tactile hallucikinesis

Phoebe can conjure up hallucinations to others, and to a certain extent herself when she is asleep and dreaming.

  • Aura generation and visibility

After spending some time in Amertas, Phoebe returns with the ability to generate a magical aura. After mastering the skill she can sense the magical auroas of other witches and wizards.

Education and CareerEdit

Phoebe has attended three different schools before the age of 14. At 15 she planned to move to the boarding school SJBS where she attended Junior and finally graduated after Senior Year.

Phoebe briefly considered studying computer science due to her skills with computers, but eventually decided to fully focus on helping Chris Saphire in Portland. She eventually does study online.


Phoebe was born in Connetticut, before moving to Arizona at the age of 2. They lived there for 6 years before moving to New York in 2006, where she lived until her early teens.

She has lived in Waterfall Creek since 2014 at the beginning of Season Four. She moves to Portland permanently in Season Two (Justice)



Phoebe and Chris have a close friendship from when they met at Sint-Joseph's Boarding School. Their relationship evolves into a romantic relationship when they live in Portland together. (see more : Chris and Phoebe)






Sophia is Phoebe's niece, and they have been very close since the day she was born. Phoebe was one of the people supporting the idea that Liam should get custody of his daughter. She has helped raising Sophia in her spare time, and also helped her with her magical training.







  • Phoebe is the only girl amongst her siblings not to have a name with an ô or ï in it. Her original name was going to be Gabriëlla but her parents chose against it when she was born.