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Payton & Pierre
Nickname None
Intimacy level None
Species Witch and Wizard
First met September 2005
Duration N/A
Status Good friends

This is the relationship between Payton Silverstone and Pierre Ambroise.

Payton and Pierre met in High School, when Pierre was sent to Waterfall Creek to grow strength from the sisters, as his parents had agreed upon with Lillian Silverstone before her death. Pierre's magic was cloaked and he used another name, leaving Payton to assume he was just a kind french student. They started dating and were in a relationship for several months, until Pierre talked to his brother. Previously kept in the dark about the Silverstones due to the horrors of their bloodline, Pierre learned about the witches when he found out the reason Bash was sent to boardingschool. Upon learning he was sent to Waterfall Creek for his parent's powerhunger, he broke up with Payton by pretending to cheat on her, and he grew estranged from his father.

When he hears of Bash being proposed to marry Payton a short while later, the brothers make a vow to never tell Payton about Pierre, because Pierre didn't want her to feel like their love was fake and her teenage years were spent in a lie. Eventually, years later, Pierre reveals the secret to Payton anyways. Recognizing their status, both of them being royals, Payton choses not to be angry with Pierre and Bash for keeping the secret away from her. Pierre expresses he is glad she didn't marry Bash, because she deserves happiness outside of her royal duties.

They prepare together for the battle to come, and they work on a combined spell to create special sunlight rings and other objects. In the battle, they fight together well. When Pierre gets fatally wounded, Payton tries to save him but Pierre knows it will take all her power and kill her instead, so he blocks her magic from healing him. Pierre dies in Payton's arms, while she hums a french nursery rhime.

Payton's relationship with Bash and Jade, Pierre's girlfriend, grows estranged after this. Originally Payton tries to help Pierre through his grief, but it ends up consuming him having lost Chloë not long before. Bash claims their bond is broken, and as he officially takes over as king of Solos he publically starts to work against Divitia. Payton calls a meeting with him to sort their differences, in which she mentions that Pierre would not have wanted them to be fighting, to which Bash collapses, asking Payton how she handled losing all the people in her life. Payton tells Bash that she did so by finding love in other people. 

Shortly after, Bash is told he will be a father, and he asks Payton to be the baby's godmother. He names his child after his brother, Lucas Pierre Ambroise.



Payton and Pierre met in school. He stepped into the school newspaper accidently, to which Payton showed him the right way. Pierre already knew Mila and he had heard of one of her best friends. Upon seeing her for the first time, he got intrigued. There was just something about her that he couldn't put his finger on. But it was something that attracted him and something that made him wanted to get to know her. It felt like they shared something. They became friends after that and within a month they were dating. 

Pierre took Payton to the movies on their first date. He had no idea that he could fall for a person so soon and that night they kissed for the first time. He dropped her off at her bedroom. They both thought Claire was asleep, but she heard everything they said when they parted. She realized that this was more than just a fling and talked to her sister the following morning. Claire said she liked them together and that made Payton feel really good. She felt like she had found someone that she could trust since a very long time.

A few dates followed and after a short period the whole school knew about their relationship. Some people said they were the best couple they had ever seen and that they thought they would be together until the end of high school. Payton wanted to believe that was true and she fell head over heals for the cute French guy. A couple of weeks later he asked her on a date and they went to dinner together. After dinner they ended up in his bedroom and from one thing came another. This was the first time for Payton when she got intimate with somebody and it made her trust him even more.

Payton was happier than ever and she thought this was going to be the guy she would spend her life with. He seemed to understand her in a way that nobody could. She was planning on telling him her secret when he came to her bedroom one night and told her that he had been cheating on her. Not once, but multiple times. It broke her heart and she told him to get out and never come back. The moment he pulled the door shut behind him she broke. He was her first love and he betrayed her. Soon after this he left America.

Season Six

When Payton has found love again and is married to Jason, Pierre returns to the town. He announces the real reason of his departure, being that their relationship was set up by his parents in the hope of getting more twiceblessed children. Pierre also reveals his identity to be Pierre Ambroise. 

Although she feels hurt that he never told her the truth, she realises he is an ally and she can not stay mad at him for long. They discover that their friendship was never a lie and they beging working together on a mutual project to figure out what the humanity rings actually do. With Pierre's help, Payton is able to discover the truth behind them as well as create new ones that are a better fit to their lifes. 

Pierre and Payton remain friends over the time following. When Pierre introduces his girlfriend and the plan he and Jade have, Payton is taken by surprise. After a little while to get to terms with it, she gets on board.