Paul Creeton
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Sexuality Straight
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Paul Cohen is a recurring character in Touch of Magic. He is the father of Mike Creeton and ex-husband of Diana Creeton. He is an independent carpenter and long-term resident of Waterfall Creek.


Paul was born into a jewish household and was very reiligious. As a teenager he attended SJBS. He was visiting his sister in Seattle when he met Diana Creeton, who was studying to be a nurse. The couple fell in love quickly and moved back to Paul's home town of Waterfall Creek once Diana graduated. 

The couple suffers a miscarriage, and the subsequent pregnancy of Mike Creeton causes disagreements since Paul insists on passing his Jewish heritage. Eventually Paul agrees to give his child Diana's last name as a compromise. 

The troubles between Paul and Diana rise again during Mike's early teens, and the couple choses to send Mike to boarding school. 

Season OneEdit

During spring of Mike's senior year, Diana and Paul announce their divorce. Paul stays in Waterfall Creek, while Diana moves to her hometown in Arizona.

Season TwoEdit

Soon after his now ex-wife left, Paul watches Mike leave to follow his mother to Arizona to attend college.

Season ThreeEdit

After having dropped out of college, Mike mentions his dad when he says his parents never agreed on much, but they agreed that him dropping out of college was a waste.

Season FourEdit

At some point during 2010-2014, Paul's business isn't doing well, to the point where he shares his concerns with his son. Paul gets financial support from Mike, who refuses to tell where the money originates from. Paul later meets Alyssa, the anonymous donor, in Season Four and mentions that his business is thriving again because his new equipment gets the job done faster. 

Season FiveEdit

Paul attends Jason and Payton's wedding. Later on in the season he hears his ex-wife has cancer. He eventually decides to travel to Arizona with his son. 

Season SixEdit

Paul returns from Arizona two weeks after Diana's passing, and meets up with Payton Silverstone who is worried about how Mike's doing. Paul states that Mike is hanging in there. Payton makes a comment related to Jewism, revealing she has known about Paul's faith since Mike told her in Season One. Paul states he was glad Mike had his friends when his parents failed to be parents to him. 

Season SevenEdit

Mike and Scarlett go to Paul's house on Sunday's as a weekly family tradition. On one of those occasions, Mike reveals that they will name their child after Paul.