Naomi Andrea Thornton
Biographical information
Full birthname None
Also known as None
Titles None
Born April 4th, 1994
Turned N/A
Died None
Age 20
Occupation Unknown
Residence Hainasoni Compound
Supernatural information
Species Witch
Bloodline Unknown
Abilities Pyrokinesis
Family & Relationships
Parents Unknown
Siblings Unknown
Relatives Unknown
Sexuality Straight
Relationships None
Children None
Physical description
Height 5'2"
Hair Color dark brown
Eye Color green
Portrayed By None
Be careful. One might think you actually care.
— Naomi to Thomas Chamberlaine

Naomi Thornton is a character from Touch of Magic. She is a witch from the Hainasoni bloodline. She is the sister of Nick Thornton. Naomi suffers from PTSD after her time spent in Greek Hill.

She is part of Hainasoni Bloodline and of The Thornton Family. She has as history with The Millers from when she had to work for May Miller. 


Original (1)
Growing up , Naomi was best friends with her big brother Nick. They learned about magic together due to an accident he had , and they were very close. As a child , Naomi was very social and she proved to be very smart. She also underwent training, like her brother, but this was at personal request of her own parents and not of the rest of the family. Later, her mom would explain her this was for self defense, in case her powers ever failed her. At the time she turned 10, she was allowed to leave the compound once her training was finished, to go and do small tasks for her family, tasks the elder children were too busy for, like getting the mail at the post-office. She was also given more responsibility in potions, as she got to collect ingredients from the garden.
She got teached most magic by her mother, who also homeschooled all children. Naomi was homeschooled along with her older niece Lydia, who was a level higher then her. Out of all children , Naomi was the only one who was allowed to aply to University. In the winter of the last year she'd be homeschooled, she met Drew. His and her father were old friends , and they got along quickly. They started dating around Valentines day.

Season OneEdit

When she finds out that May Miller is planning an attack and she needed witchcraft, she fears the worst. Her uncle , Peter Thornton , nominated Naomi to go using the excuse she had finished her education assuring his own children wouldn't have to go. She was forced to cut off any communications with her family, mainly her brother Nick, and her boyfriend Drew.

Naomi then went to May Miller at the compound. She was forced to try and make all sorts of potions she knew would fail. As a result she got treated badly. Eventually , she was rescued by Laura and Nick. When she returned she found out about Drew cheating on her with her niece. Drew left shortly after that to go back to Londen to live with his uncle , but his plane had an accident and he died. While Naomi was devatated , mourning over Drew brought her closer to her niece again , and they ended their period of not talking to eachother by crying on eachother's shoulder.

When she and her nieces decide to run away , she is the biggest supporter of Lydia's plan. However , when they fail to take the boys with them , Naomi falls apart and backs out of the plan in the last moment. When Nick realizes she stayed for him , he calls Laura to wait and he drives Naomi to a parking just outside town , so that Naomi goes with them after all. Nick them returns to prevent their parents from going after her.


Naomi has dark hair, usually shoulder lenght. When she gets to go on one of the rare shopping trips she stacks up on her style of clothing, which is more alternative yet comfortable. She also likes to wear hats.

To see Naomi's outfits throughout the season, see Naomi Thornton/Appearance


Naomi is aspiring and she is interested in a lot of various subjects. She is curious about a lot, but her biggest curiousity is love. Naomi is a hopeless romantic. She has a true heart and she can always be counted on. She does not forgive and forget easily, making her the one who always brings up old matter she hasn't processed yet. She struggles a lot with processing her time at Greek Hill, which has resulted in her suffering from PTSD.

Powers and TalentsEdit

Naomi is very skillfull and controls all basic powers perfectly , and can master advanced pyrokinesis okay , but she is volurnable when she is emotional , almost setting fire to the whole house when she found out Drew died. She is also good at spells , but she never did one after her time at the Miller compound.




Friends * Naomi and Carter



  • Naomi has made a pact with Nick that any of her future children would be taught magic by him, as she herself decided not to practice magic ever again.