Mike Creeton
Biographical information
Full birthname Michael Benjamin Cohen
Also known as Mike
Titles None
Born February 2nd 1991
Turned N/A
Died None
Age 17/18 (Season One)

18/19 (Season Two)

Occupation High School Student(2005-2009)
University student (2009-2010)
Manager of Decade
Residence SJBS/Dorms S1 )
Arizona Dorms (S2)
The Creeton House (S3)
Falkland Apartments 3B (owner)
Supernatural information
Species Humans
Bloodline Unknown
Abilities None
Family & Relationships
Parents Paul Cohen (father)
Diana Creeton(mother)
Siblings Unknown
Relatives Unknown
Sexuality Straight
Relationships Sarah Wells (ex-girlfriend)
Lynn Sullivan (ex-girlfriend)
Scarlett Rhondale (fiancé)
Children Stefan Creeton
June Creeton
Noora Creeton
Physical description
Height 5'10"
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue/grey
Portrayed By Matt Lanter
I never really had a close family. Untill I met you guys.
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Mike Creeton (born Michael Benjamin Cohan) is one of the main character in Touch of Magic. He is best friends with Payton Silverstone and Mila Romano and close friends with Justin Saphire and Dean Lewis. He is the fiancé of Scarlett Rhondale and father of their son, Stefan.

Mike is an SJBS alumni. He became manager of Club Decade

She is human but has affiliations with the Silverstones as high school classmates. 


Early LifeEdit

Mike grew up with both his parents in Waterfall Creek. His parents have had a rocky marriage since he was young, but they remained married for the sake of their son. He went to SJBS and met Payton there, who was in his year. They became friends instantly and they spend a lot of bank holiday weekends having sleepovers. At some point when puberty hit, Mike did develop a small crush on Payton, but he realised that was nothing. Soon after he became friends with Mila and Pierre, who began dating his best friend Payton. In his Junior year at SJBS, Mike was part of the school jocks without actually partaking in any sports. He later looses those priviliges when he repeatedly bails on his buddies, chosing Payton over them after the break-up with Pierre.

Season OneEdit

In Seaon One Mike is still dealing with his decrease in popularity since he stopped hanging out with the jocks. He spends a lot of time alone in his room, where he  talks to Mila about her sexuality when she admits having kissed Katie. When Payton meets Jason, Mike is kind of worried, but he doesn't show it to her in fear of drawing attention to himself. When Jason starts to make an effort to actually get to know Mike too, Mike warms up to him and he knows his best friend is in good hands with him. Meanwhile at Mike's parents house the family is slowly falling apart as Mike discovers his parents have been sleeping in seperate bedrooms for a while.

When the winter formal scandal happens, Mike offers his friends his help, but Mila declines his offer. After the matter gets resolved, Mike and Payton start discussing their college plans, which is when Mike mentions Arizona. He then reveals his parents are getting a divorce, and he also tells Payton about his Jewish ancestory. Payton is supportive, and encourages him to do what's best for him. As Payton gives him some space, Mike watches his best friend grow closer to Jason Dawson. Despite his early reservations, he ultimately decides to be supportive of the relationship. 

At the end of the season he attends prom with Mila, one of his closest friends. The day after prom he receives a worrying phonecall from Payton to meet her at the Dawson house again. When Mike had previously suspected something fishy about the family, he had tried to deny it because he had gotten to know Jason and he wasn't suspicious of him anymore. But as soon as Mike enters the basement, he knows he made a mistake in judgement.

Payton tells Mike and Mila and Justin about magic, witches, vampires and the whole world around them. When Mike finds out that an altercation with a vampire and Claire put Claire in a coma he is very worried. He wishes to talk to Payton more about what this all means, but Payton goes back to her sister. Jason tries to answer some of his questions but like Justin, Mike walks off. Unlike Justin, Mike regains his memory however and the next morning he is at the door of the Dawson house with an apology, and he stays there for the next few critical days so he can be there for Payton.

Season TwoEdit

In Season Two Mike enrolls in Senior year. Even though he is glad Payton graduated early and she is able to go to college with her extra credit, he remains a bit sad because they won't have their senior year experience together. However Mike is determined to make the best of it. He dives into senior year with loads of enthousiasm, but the many questions about college set off his good mood, as he still has no idea what he wants to do next year.

Mike procrastinates college further by focussing on Mila, who has a hard time processing the fact that Katie is gone. When Pierre gets added in the mix and Mike finds out he and Mila slept together after getting drunk, Mike is furious. However after talking to Mila he calms down. He and Mila then make a trip to Portland together, where they gift Payton her cat Salem. There Payton urges him to stop procrastinating college. When Mike still has doubts, Mila encourages him and in a hearfelt conversation between the two they kiss. They then become a couple, and start making plans to spend the summer in Europe after their senior year. 

Mila then convinces Mike to look at one school in Talahassee and so they visit the USA and Mike goes to check out the school. Meanwhile Mila meets with Payton where she admits she is going to break up with Mike. When Mike calls Payton to find out if  Mila is on her way, Payton states she should already be there by now. The two conclude that Mila changed plans and she decided to head back to Europe on her own.

Season ThreeEdit

When Mike receives a text a few days later, this is confirmed. Though he is mad because she broke up with him over a text, he finds a distraction in college and the experience he had in Talahassee have convinced him to attend college after all. He decides to check out a college in Phoenix, Arizona where his mom lives, and he ends up enrolling in a business education.

Throughout his first year of college Mike is relatively happy, and he tries to stay in touch with his friends as much as possible. When he finds out what truely happened to Mila, a volatile side of him emerges as he gets very angry over it. He calms down when he talks to Mila; and that's when the two of them decide to split up and continue their lives as friends. Mike accepts this, and he focusses back on school in Arizona.

Mike makes another trip down to Waterfall Creek when Justin's parents die, and he attends the funeral for his friends. Later that year, Payton calls him and asks him to come to Portland because she needs to tell him something important. When Mike arrives, he learns Payton is pregnant. Though he is very confused, he is actually very happy for her because he knows Payton has secretly always wanted a family. He jokingly says he will move back to Waterfall Creek, but Payton tells him he shouldn't throw away school for her or her child, which Mika affectionatly calls 'Marshmallow'.

However a few months later Mike is serious and he drops out. He states college isn't for him, and after finishing his first year in Arizona he moves back home. He works at a diner downtown untill Jason approaches him to work in his new club. Mike agrees, and with his better salary he convinces Alyssa to let him stay in her appartment in exchange for a family renting price. Alyssa agrees and Mike moves into the little loft while working as a bartender in Jason's club.

Season FiveEdit

Season Six

It is awkward when Mila joins them after she gets back from Europe, but Lynn and Mila get along very well. As Jason opens his club he needs a manager. Mike applies for the job and eventually gets it. He runs the club when Jason is gone and the staff has great respect for him. 

However, when his mom gets very ill his good life gets a bit sad suddenly. He flies to Arizona with Lynn, cause that's where his mother lives, and stays with his mom in the hospital. Payton, his best friend, decides to be there for him and flies to Arizona as well. When his mom dies a few days later he is heartbroken and doesn't see the point in life anymore. He attempts to kill himself, but get stopped by Payton. 

From that moment he is back in the way to recovery and while the funeral is hard, he doesn't cry at all. Mike and Lynn decide to stay in Arizona for an unknown period, so Mike can mourn over his mother. 


Education and CareerEdit




Mike and Sarah Wells met in high school after Payton set them up together. They dated for several months during their senior year.

Mike and Mila were close high school friends. During their summer after high school they travelled through Europe together and occasionally slept together casually. When Mila returns they become friends again, and they even live together for a while. (see more : Mike and Mila)

Mike and Lynn are currently in a romantic relationship. They met in Season Six and they fell in love rather rapidly. They balance eachother out greatly.


Mike gets on with his parents very well. When his parents split up, Mike was a bit heartbroken but he got over it. He never resented his parents, and he stayed with his father. When his mother died, he took it hard because he didn't get to spend much of time with her before her death. As a result of this he decides to live in Arizona for a while to reconnect with his mother's legacy.


Mike and Payton are best friends and have been so for a very long time. (see more :Mike and Payton)

Mike and Justin are good friends, both part of the so called 'team human' trinity.



  • Mike had a big role in the coming out's of Mila, Max and to a smaller extent Katie and Doughlas. He is considered a very strong LGBTQ ally, having offered places to stay and a shoulder to cry on to his friends who struggle with their sexuality. Mike himself is straight.
  • Upon his return to Waterfall Creek it is revealed that he suffered from anxiety and had to drop out of college because of it.