Matthew James O'Connell
Biographical information
Full birthname None
Also known as None
Titles None
Born 1625
Turned N/A
Died None
Age 26
Occupation Advisor to The Millers and The Millers 2.0
Residence The Miller Compound (formerly)
Spellman Manor (formerly)
The Millers Headquarters (currently)
Supernatural information
Species vampire
Bloodline Unknown
Abilities None
Family & Relationships
Parents Unknown
Siblings Unknown
Relatives Unknown
Sexuality Straight
Relationships None
Children None
Physical description
Height 6'0"
Hair Color Light brown/dark blonde
Eye Color Green
Portrayed By None
Matt O'Connel is a recurring character in Touch Of Magic.  He had a sexual relationship with Alyssa Miller and May Miller. He is an anti-hero the majority of the time.

He is a vampire and member/counselor of the Millers. He tried to gain the throne of The Millers 2.0 because of his marriage to May, but gets defeated by Alyssa in this fight. He is left as a commander, and eventually second in command, mainly active on oversees operations.


Early LifeEdit

Matt was born rougly 390 years ago in 1625. He lived his first few years in Dublin, Ireland. As soon as possible, he jumped on the boat (literally) to America, working on a ship with expeditions of famous explorers. This is how he set foot on the American continent, in the West-Coast of the United states.Yet quickly the boys clumsyness payed off as he got infected with a bad case of flu. He was treated, yet unsuccesfull.

Julie Dawson found him in the hospital, and decided his knowledge of the world around them would prove usefull, so she turned him. Due to an uprising of a patient, she had to leave abruptly after and she never got a chance to guide Matt. As a result, Matt killed the majority of the patients and hospital staf, spreading rumors of a wild animal attack.

Following his rampage in the hospital, Matt went to the woods in search for Julie, but he never was able to find her as she took off rapidly. Matt's ship had left and he no longer had any chance of getting home. After several years of wondering around he stumbled upon May Miller and her clan. Although he had an interest, he watched from a distance in the beginning. Because of that he quickly found ways around May's rules, and he gathered a little following of people who liked using the loopholes to their advantage. May discovered, and they often budded heads but equally as much did they end up sleeping together afterwards. (See more : Matt and May)

In the years after the Carrington Storm, which he refers to the time when the two Carrington brothers were a part of The Millers, he reclaimed his position as May's primary mate, tho May kept meeting Jared in the following years too. Matt wasn't pleased about this, and so he developed a connection to May (and Jared)'s daughter. This revenge soon turns to more when he actually grows a liking of Alyssa. (See more : Alyssa and Matt)

He takes a position of advisor within the Millers and he's often on foreign missions to secure connections with other vampire groups. He's also alot of times on vacation. May then finds out on him and Alyssa, and threatens to kick him out. When Matt's following protest and claim to leave when he does, Matt is kept within the Millers. He starts talking to Thomas in an attempt to de-throne May. He claims he has grown to hate her, but in reality he cares for her and he only hates it when she acts all hatefull, saying he knows her true nature isn't like that. Although he and Thomas got along untill before his confession of love for May, they no longer do and they get into a frenemy relationship.

Around the 1990's, Matt and May are living secluded from the majority of their coven and May's character softens visibly in his pressence. At one given time,  they decide to get married and for 3 months they completely isolate themselves from The Millers. However, when Matt's following are shown to have tried making a coup, May accuses him of being a traitor. He gets kicked out of the compound, but he lingers around in business properties. 

Season OneEdit

Matt is refferenced by Alyssa upon her visit to Waterfall Creek but he is not named. Jason also mentions him as 'May's overambitious commander'.

Season TwoEdit

In Season Two, Matt appears to be in touch with Alyssa again for a longer time, and the two frequently call. He shows up shortly after the assasination of the vampire leaders, and ends up poisoning Alyssa to loose her humanity and become ruthless,in an attempt from him to replace the void May left in him. He succeeds, and he and Alyssa make a plan together. They try to kill the Silverstones to the credit they need to rule the Millers themselves. After their failed attempt to kill Payton and Claire, Matt is left for dead.

Season One (The Heart)Edit

Matt shows up again in the Greek Hill compound, when he visits it after being banished from Miller territory. He stays there because it's the only Miller territory not on Miller soil, and he interacts with the witch in residence, Naomi. Thomas then says he doesn't want to see Matt killed, and offers to take him to the Hainasoni instead, where he can monitor the rest of the witches. Upon arriving in Alaska, Matt poses as a local and gains the attention of Laura. They meet up in secret and they engage in long night talks. Matt admits falling for her to some extent, but that all ends when she discovers who he is. She states she will not ruin him by outing & attacking him, but asks him to leave her family alone. He feels rejected because of this, and retaliates violently by pulling a gun on Nick.

Season SixEdit

Matt reemerges in season six with the remainder of the Miller army after the defeat of May Miller. He tries to fix things with Alyssa in the beginning, but realises she is not going to forgive him for what he did. 

After a while of cooperating with her, he starts to form his own little group within the Millers, and he makes plans to take the second throne instead of Alyssa when he finds out his marriage with May Miller still stands and he has a rightfull claim.

Matt knows he's going to be victorious because Alyssa only just recovered from detox and he has more support. The votes conclude in a tie, and they are forced to wait untill the next opportunity to fight for the claim. Meanwhile, their mates get tested and they have a claiming ceremony. Matt hopes to win the claiming ceremony (which would desolve the need for a re-vote) by choosing Lola Wilson as his mate. However Matt fails to prove he has a deep connection to her, and he looses.

When he stumbles upon Justin, who is severely weakened by the claiming ceremony, he is tempted to kill him but he doesn't. When Kayla later asks him why he didn't do it, he says he's not that type of a guy to kill the weak ones like that. Kayla reports it, however, and the Millers suggest a duel to the death to determine once and for all who is the strongest. 

In the dual, Alyssa comes off as weaker but as she regains her strength she is able to defeat him.Matt finds himself lacking the energy to keep fighting for another round, after excessive partying assuming his victory in the fight. As Matt is about to be given the final blow, Alyssa walks away, stating 'she's not that type of a girl to kill the weak ones like that', echoing what Matt said about Justin and stating she overheard it.

After Alyssa takes the throne alongside Jason, Matt is allowed to be a commander if he breaks ties with any of his former followers. He does so, and becomes Alyssa's second in command, on a path to redeem himself.

Season SevenEdit

Matt's path of redemption doesn't last for long. Even though he has nothing to do with the kidnapping of Emilia, he gets judged for it by the other members. This angers him, as they refuse to believe he is truely trying to do better. He starts packing his things, planning to leave town.

When the news breaks that hunters are in town, panic spreads in the Millers. Matt then runs into Justin, who sees he is packing and accuses him of knowing the hunters were coming. Matt tries to explain to Justin that he did not know, but when Justin keeps accusing him he snaps, and starts chasing after Justin in the woods.

He plans to use the pressence of the hunters and takes a gun, attempting to kill Justin and make it look like the hunters did it.


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1651-2014+ : Type A


  • Matt, like Alyssa, also has a favor for real weapons. He states they're far less messy and they're more dramatic. This reasons differ from Alyssa's, but it shows Matt has taken note of her habits & took on some of them.