Mason Woods
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Born Unknown
Turned 1689
Died None
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Species Vampire
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Relatives Unknown
Sexuality Straight
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Mason Whittmore is a recurring character in Touch of Magic and a main character in Once Upon a Blue Moon. He is the former best fried of Liam Miller.

He is a vampire and he has connections to The Millers but was rejected as a member. Eventually he joined The Millers 2.0.


Mason was born in 1820 in Europe. Around 1890 he started to hang around the Miller vampires. However , due to a fued with Thomas Chamberlain he never got accepted as a member.The closest he got was a hundred years later , when he befriended Liam Miller. Although Liam was a way younger vampire , Mason always saw him as his superior due to his background.

The two were friends for all of Liam's childhood and teenage years. When Liam moved back to the Miller compound in his teenage years, Mason was left at the gate. The two friends were astranged from one another for a good 5 year. 

That is untill Mason picks up a uproar in Portland , and the name 'Miller' drops often. When he travels down there , he finds Payton Silverstone. He sees his opportunity and attacks her, but Jason saves her. Mason gets a lecture by Liam , who states Payton Silverstone is his paternal half-sister. Liam offers him a couple of grants to dissappear. 

Mason hears about the defeat of the Millers and is shocked. He then gets a phone-call from Liam , who tells him he survived. Liam asks for some money in return for the money he gave him in Portland. Mason agrees, and sticks around time over the summer. He eventually meets and starts dating Rose, Mike's cousin.

Once Upon a Blue MoonEdit

Mason returns to town 15 years after the defeat of the original Miller army, to check up on his long-lost friends after breakng up with Rose 9 years prior to it.To his surprise, he finds Liam being 15 years older in age and appearence. Out of curiosity Mason goes downtown. He ends up in the high school , but stumbles across none other then Daphné Saphire.

When Mason shows to have a lot of knowledge about the Millers , after years of studying them , Daphné is fascinated. However , she doesn't  tell him she is the daughter of Alyssa Miller.

When she does , they are both to smitten to back away , well aware of the judgement Daphné will recieve from her parents. But , surprisingly Alyssa agrees to Mason. She tells her daughter's boyfriend they haunted outside the Miller compound for a while , but Mason had forgotten this. Daphné and Mason have a relationship for the remaining of high-school as Mason rolls in as a student aswell.


After high school, his relationship with Daphné grows more severe and they quickly move in together, settling in the appartment that used to belong to Alyssa in her Senior year.

The couple becomes famous in the vampire-political world. They are referred to as 'The William and Kate of vampirism'. Including the mass wanting to see a ring on Daphné's finger. Eventually , Mason does propose and they marry in Croatia, Mason's native country.

Despite being busy with the Millers and Magicschool (which Daphné co-runs) , they decide to try and have a baby. They succeed , and welcome a baby boy in the world called Nicholas (Nick) Liam Woods.


Romantic Relationships

  • Mason and Daphné
  • Mason and