Lillian Rose Silverstone
Biographical information
Full birthname None
Also known as None
Titles None
Born August 11th, 1965
Turned N/A
Died December 1993
Age 28 at the time of her death
Occupation Member of the Culture Comitee in Waterfall Creek
Desert Chef
Waitress (part-time)
Residence Silverstone House
Supernatural information
Species Witch
Bloodline Unknown
Abilities Telekinesis
Family & Relationships
Parents Unknown
Siblings Unknown
Relatives Unknown
Sexuality Straight
Relationships None
Children Payton Silverstone
Claire Silverstone
Physical description
Height 5'6.5"
Hair Color Dark brown
Eye Color Green
Portrayed By None
Lillian Silverstone is a recurring character in Touch of Magic. She is the mother of Payton and Claire,and the wife of Christopher Greene. She was an aspiring desert chef.

She is part of the Silverstone Bloodline and The Silverstone Family. She was married to a wizard from the Greene Bloodline and therefor also a member of The Greene Family. She had a strong bond with The Ambroise Family and The Saphire Family.


From the moment she was born , Lillian was kept in protection from all things harmfull. She was home-educated and was never really allowed to enjoy her childhood with other children. This was due to the fact that she was the only child her parents had and could have gotten , due to fertility issues with Lillian's mother. She was supposed to continue the bloodline , and therefore severly protected.

She got into a fase of rebellion around the age of 18 and she got permission to go to college. She went to study in Portland , the same school her eldest daughter would study at many years later. In her college years , she met the handsome wizard Christopher Greene. And although her parents didn't approve because of his low status , they got a relationship. This would mark the first relationship volunteerly commited to by both a witch and a wizard.

When she was 22 she got married , and when she was 26 her first daughter , Payton Silverstone, was born after having struggled with feritlity issues just like her mother. Two years later her second daughter was born ; Claire Silverstone.Young Lillian Silverstone for flashback

Lillian's marriage to Christopher took a turn for the worse when Christopher tried to stop the elders' involvement in his eldest daughter's upbringing , causing him to loose his powers. He started drinking and getting depressed , leaving Lillian to take care of Payton as a toddler on her own. Things got a little better with the arrival of Claire , as Christopher intended to do things right with his second child. Lillian was heartbroken to see that her husband neglected their eldest daughter and therefore she was closest to Payton , while Claire was a daddy's girl.

All of it ended abruptly when they got attacked soon after Claire's second birthday. Lillian was killed by vampires immediatly. Her husband died to holding her hand ,  leaving their toddler girls orphans. The married couple was rushed to a hospital , but all help came to late.

The EldersEdit

The Elders decided to take on the upbringing of the sisters , but what was not known was that it was a request of Lillian. When offered to her to join the elders , she said the wellbeing of her daughters needed to be secured as a condition for her to join.

Lillian then joined the elders , which is a secret for the rest of the magical community , and watched over her daughters. She was for example the one who persueded the other elders not to protest against Payton's pregnancy , knowing that fertility issues ran in their bloodline. She was also the one who kept the elders from killing the Dawsons when they purchased the Silverstone house , as she knew it would bring her daughters pain and sorrow.


Lillian has been ressurected twice , the latest time being on Payton's birthday as a surprise. Then she got to see the renovated house her daughters lived in , and the families they had made of their own. During the latest resurrection she also met her husband's son Liam , to who she was very kind.