Laura Thornton
Biographical information
Full birthname None
Also known as None
Titles None
Born July 17th, 1990
Turned N/A
Died None
Age 24
Occupation Unknown
Residence The Hainasoni Compound (former)

The Thornton House

Supernatural information
Species Witch
Bloodline Unknown
Abilities Advanced Pyrokinesis
Family & Relationships
Parents Unknown
Siblings Unknown
Relatives Unknown
Sexuality Straight
Relationships None
Children Caitlyn Thornton
Physical description
Height 123
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color 132
Portrayed By None

Laura is a recurring character in Touch of Magic.  She was born at the Hainasoni Compound and lived most of her childhood there. 

She is part of the Hainasoni Bloodline and The Thornton Family.She becomes the leader of their bloodline after she escaped her parents and they were demoted. She has a strong alliance with The Silverstones and formerly The Millers


Laura is first introduced when May visits the Hainasoni , her personal stock of all things witchcraft. There , she asks the witches and wizards to create a spell linking her bloodline , causing them all to die when she does. Laura is 10 years old at this point.

A few years later , Matt O'Connell shows up. He asks for a potion that can take away someone's humanity. This is the first act of witchcraft Laura does at 16 years old , and she is succesful. When her family finds out the potion had a loophole , and that it failed , Laura was punished in a terrifying ritual. 

Nevertheless , the family soon discovered that the young witches of the bloodline have a lot of potential. Ever since , every child born in the bloodline is raised very strickly , and is kept inside most of the time. Laura and her nieces and nephews were obliged to do dangerous spells and potions , involving blood and fire , such as the creation of the Humanity-ring.

Waterfall CreekEdit

When her sister finds out Payton Silverstone has been asking questions about the ring Laura created , Lydia comes up with the plan to go to Waterfall Creek. Laura at first is against this , knowing very well how their parents would react. But when all the others agree , she has no choice if she wants to keep them safe. She does change the plan , and decides to go to the Millers first , knowing they might have a good shot with the new leaders. She steals the SUV from her parents , and drives to Waterfall Creek , unknowing that the Millers and Silverstone tops are melted into marriage.

When Jason finds the witches he is shocked at first , and he calls his wife. Laura and Payton talk for a long time , after which they get offered refuge in the motel , where no one will hurt them. However , Laura does refuse to allow Payton to go to Haines , as she knows her parents will be mad because they left.

In the motel , Laura shares a room with Lydia.


Laura is 23 years old. When she will return to Haines she will have a potion that slows down the aging process. She will age half as fast from then , and in 15 years from now she will appear in het late 20's , instead of late 30's.

She has brown to dark brown hair and green-blue eyes. She also has a butterfly tattoo in her neck , which symbolizes transformation. 

To see Laura's outfits throughout the season, see Laura Thornton/Appearance



Laura was set up in an arranged marriage with Yuri. The union was arranged by Laura's father, Peter Thornton. Laura states she never saw any affection from her husband while they were married. Yuri abused her, causing her to almost loose her baby, Caitlyn. Laura eventually shot him, for which Lydia took the blame in self defense. Laura was send to jail despite that for illegal possesion of weapons.

Carter is Laura's boyfriend. She meets him in Waterfall Creek during fall fest 2014. Laura states her life got better the minute she met him. Carter, in return, is intruiged by Laura's strenght and he is an amazing stepfather to Caitlyn. (see more : Carter and Laura)


Laura and Lydia are sisters, close in age. They have different personalities, but they can work together very well. They've been through a lot together, such as escaping their family home and taking care of Caitlyn. (see more : Laura and Lydia)

Laura and Louis are half-siblings, and Louis is her older brother. Despite the fact that they're not full siblings like Laura and Lydia, they are still very close. They have established a trust in the short while Louis lived with his siblings, and they'd do anything for one another. (see more : Laura and Louis)

Laura and Nick are very much alike which is why they get along very well. They're both protective over their siblings and the rest of the family. Laura and Nick both share the trait of being very cautious, and they usually don't like to take risks. When they do, they discuss every single step of the plan about 20 times.

Laura and Naomi are cousins, and they get along great. Their pyrokinesis works best together out of all the witches and wizards in their family. Laura has been trying to teach Naomi some of the advanced stuff that she and Louis got to experience, because Laura believes Naomi has a great potential.

Laura and Cassidy are distant cousins, but they're close regardless. Laura and Cassidy have a similar maturity in them. Laura was also the one who got Cassidy her internship in Vancouver so she could get away from the rest of their family for a while.

Laura and Kendall are distant cousins, and they have the least contact out of all the witches and wizards. This is due to the fact that Laura accidentally burned Kendall when Laura's powers were developing. Even though Kendall has no physical damage, it has caused a distance between them ever since.


Laura and Payton are both witches, both magical royalty and both the former oldest sibling before their half-brother came along. They also have a lot of similarities in their personality, and their shared status creates a connection between both of them. (see more : Laura and Payton)

Laura and Claire have only interacted a few times, as magical royalty, but when Claire gets to know her outside of that context the two of them like one another very well.

Laura and Sebastien are both magical royalty and later on they're in-laws. Laura says she likes Bash because he is one of the kindest people she's met. (see more : Laura and Sebastien)

Laura and Pierre are both magical royalty, though they haven't interacted much due to the climate within the magical community. Later Laura asks Bash about his brother, getting him to open up to her. She states that Pierre seemed like a good guy.

Laura and Phoebe are both magical royalty and they're friends. Phoebe asked for Laura's help with being a royal when Payton and Claire were busy. In exchange, Laura asked Phoebe to keep an eye on Hailee. They bond over the fact that they both didn't attend any college, and they often dance together at the club.