Jason and Payton
Nickname Jayton
Intimacy level Allies
Romantic relationship
Parents of 3 kids
Species Vampire and twiceblessed Witch
First met Unknown
Duration 2007-2015
Status N/A

I always loved you. I never stopped loving you.
— Payton to Jason at their Portland reunion

This is the relationship between Payton Silverstone and Jason Dawson.

They are originally enemies turned into allies in Season One. Their alliance gets tested in Season Two when things get complicated and emotions get involved. Eventually they grow together and start a romantic relationship at the end of Season Two. By the end of third season they are living together at the Portland Lofts. After four years together they move back to Waterfall Creek where they discover they are expecting a child. They raise their daughter Alena in Waterfall Creek and shield her from their mutual enemies. They get engaged in Season Four and married in Season Five before welcoming their second child, Andrew and eventually their third child, Amore.

They are business partners, best friends and each other's paramore. They live together at The Silverstone House. The anniversary of their first meeting is August 19, which is also their wedding date. They have three granddaughters: Lily Silverstone, Clarke Silverstone-Dawson and Elitrea Silverstone as well as four grandsons: Scott Silverstone, Alec Silverstone-Dawson, Wyatt Silverstone-Dawson and Andor Silverstone.


Season One

Payton and Jason started out as key players on opposite sides. After Claire arranged their co-habitation in Waterfall Creek, Payton set aside her prejudices allowing a friendship to grow through training sessions and lessons about each other's worlds. They develop a dynamic that makes them a good team and they rely on each other, soon leading together to ensure the safety of their mutual friends and family. Jason sacrifices himself by being captured by the Anconi for killing another vampire, which visibly upsets Payton because she does not like the vampire rules. By the end of the season Payton voices her concern about Jason and facing whoever kidnapped Claire without him.

Season Two

In Season Tow, Jason returns for Payton's graduation and he congratulates her with a pair of personalized athames. A few weeks later, however, finds herself alone in Portland without Mike or Jason, and she talks to Lauren about missing them both. Payton is upset with Jason for not being able to honor his promise to her, and lashes out by training to hunt vampires. Eventually Jason does join her, and he looks out for her, especially regarding Liam. When Lucy dies, Jason attempts to be there for Payton but she rejects his comfort because she still holds a grudge to him. After a while, Payton forgives him and they grow closer again. At the end of the season, Jason asks her out to Fall Fest, admitting he has feelings for her.

Season Three

1) They started out as two key players on opposite sides, but when Payton overcame her prejudice they grew into a team and they became friends. Their friendship soon grew into a potential future together romantically when Jason revealed his feelings, but Payton wasn't ready for that kind of a sacrifice. She focuses herself on moving to Portland and training to fight vampires.

2) Eventually she learns she needs Jason in her life, and she declines a marriage proposal by Bash to be with Jason. The early start of their romantic relationshp is clouded by judgement from Payton's people, but eventually the couple grows over it and they are able to find a peace while living together in Portland.


TJ) Jason supports Payton throughout her studies, and Payton encourages him to go after his dreams, which includes opening a nightclub. They enjoy the years while they are both young and they create a future for themselves while living in Portland.

4) When they discover Payton is pregant, the couple moves back to Waterfall Creek to be safe and surrounded by family. Payton suffers severe anxiety at the prospect of becoming a mom. Eventually she gives birth to a daughter in the Season Three finale, while their friends and family fight the Millers.

5) The strain of having May Miller threaten their daughter causes tension between the new parents, as Jason blames himself for May's interest in Alena, and Payton wonders how they're going to handle raising a child with so many enemies. Eventually Phoebe helps them realize that they have to think about their daughter over their people, and Jason decides to propose to Payton to prove that he is all in for their life together. Payton and Jason get married and Payton gets a job at the local newspaper, trusting Phoebe to watch their newborn daughter.

6) When May has Payton poisoned a second pregnancy is revealed and Payton goes on a suicide mission to take out May once and for all. She survives, and Jason makes his own recovery just in time to witness the birth of their second child. Jason then takes over as the new leader of the Millers which causes for his long-lost first love Beth to seek him out, revealing he had a daughter as a human. Seeing Jason with his other family, Payton's insecurities return and they have a big fight, only for Payton to realize she is painting the picture that her parents pictured her. Payton eventually agrees to let Jason's daughter meet her siblings, and she takes a counciling position at The Millers 2.0.


Payton and Jason started off badly when Payton's generalization and prejudice of vampires made her see him as a murderous monster. SHe then eventually started seeing him and his family as allies, and they started training together, allowing her to get to know a more human, caring side of him. They team up during the battle against The Travellers and are friends throughout the months following that. Jason starts to develop feelings for her in early 2008 but he doesn't act on them, although Payton is aware of it. They go to Paris together during spring break and team up to fight together again.

Shortly after Paris, Payton reveals she does have feelings for him, and they kiss. They discuss their relationship and their potential future. When Jason announces he might have to leave due to being on trial for what happened in Paris, they sleep together. Together they decide to move to Portland when Payton graduates early and gets a scolarship there. They live together at the Portland Lofts until they have a bad fight which causes them to break up, and subsequently causes Jason to go through transition. 

Despite this, Payton and Jason don't get back together right away as they take the time to develop individually before reuniting in the fall of 2009. In 2010 their relationship is stronger than ever, and Payton gets pregnant in the late spring. She gives birth to their daughter, Alena, in the early fall and they raise her in Portland before returning to Waterfall Creek where Jason has bought a nightclub, and Payton goes to work at the The Creek Daily. Their second child, Andrew Dawson is born in 2014, and shortly afterwards Jason proposes. They get married on August 19th 2015, and they conceive their third child, Amore Dawson on their honeymoon. She is born not long after they defeat long-time enemy May Miller. When Jason takes on the task of leading The Millers 2.0 they have to refocus their relationship but in the end they make it work, despite Beth Raleigh revealing Jason has another child, Ava Carrington

Payton and Jason raise their three children in The Silverstone House where Ava often visits. Payton and Jason also act as parental figures for Payton's niece Sophia Greene after Liam decides he can't be a father to her. On their 10th wedding anniversary, Payton tells Jason that she figured out how to make him human. On Jason's 236th birthday he turns human, and he celebrates his physical 25th birthday.

She didn't want anything to do with him or his family, and even tried to evict them out of town. She then got forced to work with him and his family and form an alliance. She starts training with him and many other people from his family to improve her vampire combat skills. At the Dawson Gathering she admits to getting to know a more human, caring side to them, and she claims the Dawsons might not be all that bad after all.

Payton and Jason train together more often, and they work together during the battle with the Travellers. Despite not staying around the house after the battle, they have a warrior's handshake, an unspoken connection about the mutual respect that has started to grow between the two of them. Shortly afte that Claire and Seth start dating, and Payton and Jason find themselves third and fourth wheel. Eventually they slowly create a friendship, one which extends towards Jason's family who she now trusts enough to let Claire stay there more often. Payton spends some time there too, and Jason tries to make her feel at ease with his family.

Jason steps up for Payton's friends during the Winter Formal scandal, proving he is a good friend. In early 2009, Jason realizes he is starting to have feelings for Payton. Payton reads this between the lines of his behaviour, as he is trying way too hard not to let her peak at his emotions. Neither of them say anything about it until they are in Paris, a trip Payton supported Jason on them taking. After fighting Aria, Payton admits she knows how Jason feels about her. Jason confirms this, but states that he will wait for her. There is a bit of a tension between them until Payton allows herself to be vulnerable, and she admits her own feelings for him. They kiss, and they start dating after spring break. They end the school year as a couple. 

In Season Two their relationship is tested and eventually breaks under the pressure when a lot of things happen in their lives all at once. Payton pushes Jason away, who goes into transition shortly after. He hides the majority of this from his family, until he eventually informs Alyssa who has also been spending a lot of time with Payton. Once he is finished his transition he asks Payton for another chance, but she asks to give her time. In the spring they kiss at Alyson and Dylan's wedding, but Payton insists on finishing the school year before she can be together with him again. Jason accepts this, and keeps his distance.

However when Payton and Claire host an event at their house for the magical royals, Jason gets competition. Bash, Payton's wizard childhood friend, proposes to her after the event. Jason is hurt because Payton actually considers it, but eventually she realizes her love for Jason is stronger than her desire to please the elders. She turns down the proposal, but Jason is inavoidably upset and still jealous. While preparing for the new school year, Payton realizes she wants to be with Jason, and she invites him to fall fest. They kiss again at the bonfire, and Payton tells him she loves him. From that point onwards they are officially back together.

In Season Three Jason prevents Payton from loosing it on Liam when it turns out he has kidnapped Mila. Despite Jason moving to Portland to be closer to her, they agree to take things slow. Payton slowly starts spending more and more nights at the Lofts again with Jason, which is also where she is when she learns of Jodie and Keith's death. Jason is there to support her, and Payton finds comfort in him. Shortly after that, Payton discovers she is pregnant.

The pregnancy comes as a surprise and shocks the entire family. Soon, they realize their plans have changed, including Payton's education and their living situation. Towards the end of the school year, Payton basically lives at the lofts again. They spend the summer there, preparing for the baby to arrive, which happens in September 2010. With the arrival of their daughter, Alena Dawson their love reaches a whole new level.

Payton eventually returns to school and the little family stays in Portland for her education, but once Payton graduates they move back to Waterfall Creek, where Payton starts working for the Creek Daily and Jason has his business at the club. Despite of this, they make plenty of time for eachother. They find lots of help when Phoebe moves into the house. 

In Season Five, they fight May in a very dangerous battle, considering Payton is newly pregnant with their second child at the time. The child eventually saves Jason's life, and shortly afterwards he proposes to Payton. Payton quits her job at the Creek Daily to stay at home with Alena and prepare for the new baby. She does help out in the club by organising events, working together with her fiancé. Andrew Dawson is born early 2014. They get married on August 19th, 2015 - 8 years since the day they first met. Shortly afterwards, Payton gets pregnant again. Her pregnancy prevents her to go and see Mike's mom, Dianna, who dies in the spring of 2016.

After fighting May Miller in the beginning of Season Six, their daughter Amore Dawson is born in May 2016. Their relationship is under pressure again when Jason has to take over the Miller throne.

The pregnancy comes as a surprise and forms a roadblock not only in their plans, but also in Payton's education. But despite all of the possible obstacles, they prepare for the arrival of their daughter in the summer of 2010 while they get to be more happy than ever. When Alena is born in September 2010, Payton and Jason's love develops to a whole new level.

After remaining in Waterfall Creek and arrangeing their futures, Payton eventually returns to school and graduates while they live together in a small condo in Portland. They then relocate back to Waterfall Creek where Payton has connections at the Creek Daily. In 2014, shortly before the birth of their second child, Jason proposes to her. Their son, Aj, is born early that year, and they spend the summer with their family preparing for the wedding.

They get married on August 19th, 2015 and shortly after Payton gets pregnant again, giving birth to a daughter in May 2015 after fighting May Miller. With the defeat of the biggest threat to their lives, Payton and Jason learn to appreciate the small moments and they start living again without looking over their shoulders every five seconds. Their marriage remains strong despite Jason becoming a ruler of the Millers, and Payton being tasked with saving the magical dimension along with the other royals. 

Together, with or without their kids sometimes, they make trips to Paris, London, Berlin, Marrakesh, Tokio, Rio de Janeiro and Quebec and they inspire their friends and family with the unwavering support they have for eachother. 


Jason comes in Payton’s life when he attends SJC. In the beginning Payton is not pleased with his presence and tells her sister to stay away. Jason , on the other hand, is immediately in love with the oldest Silverstone sister. But her walls , that she had built up her entire childhood, are blocking him. He finds it hard to convince her they're not the bad guys, and most of his arguments speak against him. Yet as Claire accepts an alliation between the Dawsons and the newest generation of Silverstones, Payton doesn't have much of a choice. Reluctantly she agrees to attend a gathering, in her mind are her ancestors who had worked with the Dawsons before that. In the time after that, she grows to see the benefits of a potential alliation, as now there are 8 more people to keep her sister safe. 

Unaware, Payton and Jason grow close. Jason tells what Claire and Seth were up to during the time Claire spends at the house, and Payton in exchange helps him with some of the work for school, which he well aware leaves slacking. Jason soon learns that the young witch intruiges him way more then she should, and she wonders if he could be falling for her. Even tho he had swore never to love someone of high power ever again, he knows Payton's heart is pure and he will not go throught the same ordeal as he did the last time he opened his heart. It is Payton's heart that inspires him to write a song. Incognito to it's true meaning, Payton grows to like it and learns to play it. When he tells her one night that she inspired it, Payton waves it away. The last romantic gesture like that came from Pierre shortly before he betrayed her, yet Jason is determined to show her. 

Their emotional connection is put aside briefly when James' siblings attack. Jason feels guilty for this, believing he has made Payton a target, to which Payton admits she killed her first vampire at a young age and that se was targeted from the minute she was born. It is the aid of the Silverstones that allows the Dawsons to achieve victory. When the Dawsons return, Payton is genuinly happy that all vampires are okay, and she greats them all upon their return. She lingers around Jason the most, telling him she is glad he didn't die.

Shortly after that, they take a school trip. On this trip, Mike starts to notice them growing close, and he is evidently jealous of a connection that isn't based on anything in his eyes. Truthfully, Payton is glad to be able to talk to someone about her magical responsibilities. As Jason doesn't understand fully, she explains but soon she is forced to show rather then to tell when the aftermath of the Dawson war shows up to threaten exposure to others of their class. When Aria is accompanied by The Anconi, Jason and Payton need to rely on teamwork, which they have never done before. Ultimatly, Seth comes to their aid and they are able to live another day.

Jason watches over Payton's recovery since she did get injuries, ones he blames himself for badly. She assures him he is not to blame and they exchange drinks. Payton expresses that she is glad to have a friend like him support her, something she never had with Mike. However the way she glances at him suggests her appreciation of him grows deeper then that. When they return, Mila starts asking questions about the amount of time they spend together. Payton comments that he is just a friend, but Mila hints at more. Payton says she's not as naive as her sister is. Mila says Claire seems plenty happy to be in love, and suggests Payton should give it a try. Payton brushes it off, but the thought of giving lov one more chance still lingers inside her head. Shortly after that Payton goes to the house. She admits she's not there for Claire and she and Jason spend the afternoon by the piano. Soon more days like that follow.

One night in particular, Jason and Payton are by themselves at the spot where they first met. Even though they're just talking, they are closer then average friends. By accident their heads touch and this urges Jason to kiss her. Payton does not refuse the kiss, but she is a bit carefull about it. After taking a few seconds, she kisses him back. Jason says he's been wanting to do that for a long time, and Payton nods in agreement. They remain in eachother's company for the rest of the night,after which they decide to keep quiet about it for a little longer. Ultimatly, Jason says he can no longer not hold her hand and kiss her around his family, and they tell their friends.



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P : I crossed a line today that I didn't think i'd ever crossed. What I did for you guys...
J : What WE did
P : I have to go. If I stay on this field any longer I'm gonna be sick.

P : If we're gonna live in this town, together, we're gonna need rules.
J : And who's gonna make those rules? You?
P : We. 


Payton agreed to allow the Dawsons back into town when Claire told her Lauren and Nate needed to be locked up in their basement.

I’m only doing this because of them.

I know.

Payton then falls asleep on the couch, exhausted from doing the spell. This shows she is not in fact as alert and guarded. Dylan gets her a blanket, while Jason watches the scene from the kitchen. The next morning Jason suggests she and Claire should stay at the house, because it’s more secure and there won’t be humans around.

You don’t get to decide any of that.

But it’s safer.


Payton and Jason then debate on the best way to kill a vampire, and banter follows. It ends in Payton using her telekinesis to aim a perfect shot at his target practice, and then she walks off. During the battle, Jason sees Payton is going for the kill, and jumps in, killing the vampire first instead of her.

You don’t have to do that anymore. You don’t have to kill. I do. If I want to survive. I do.

James then informs Jason of the consequences of his actions, and Jason suggests surrendering himself. However Payton stops him.

I’m not a high school student. I’m a monster.

You did it for me.

And I will take the fall for it, for you. You have seen enough death, you don’t want a war with the Anconi.

Vampires have been trying to kill me for the better part of my life. I’d say let them come.

Don’t be so naïve, Payton. You know better.

I do know better. And I know you. You saved my life today. You may be totally annoying and an idiot half of the time..

She wouldn’t really admit this. Before this battle, had anyone asked her if she’d care he died, she’d have said no. But not anymore.

But… I need you.

I need you to leave - Payton Fine, your wish is my command. Princess – Jason, giving up

I can’t imagine what it’s like carrying that much weight – Jason, about Payton’s strength

We can take care of ourselves - Payton No. We need their help. You’re the one that is going to kill our friends if you don’t accept their help. If you don't accept him. – Claire

You’re not a killer. Not like them – Payton (referencing the Travellers)



  • Everybody's got somebody but me - Sam Tsui
    • from both (mostly Payton's) POV during (extension of) break-up
  • Down - Jason Walker
    • from both POV's during fourth of july - music room scene
  • Stay - Miley Cyrus
    • Summer after Alyssa's humanity switch
  • One and Only - Adele
  • Don't you remember - Adele
  • Start Again - Red
  • Burn With You - Lea Michele




  • Some tropes that apply to them :
    • Love at First Punch
    • You're Worth Hell
    • Battle Couple
  • Their love is described best as Eros : A passionate, physical and emotional love, stereotype of romantic love
  • Jason and Payton share similarities with Alyssa and Justin and Jade and Pierre.
    • Alyssa and Justin are considered their succesors in the main romantic storylines.
      • Justin and Alyssa have struggled long with their feelings too, and the feelings were originally only one-sided. They have faced enemies interfering in their romance likewise.
    • Jade and Pierre are succesors of Alyssa and Justin, but are also similar to Jason and Payton.
      • Pierre is magical Royalty like Payton, Jade is a Miller vampire who does not belong to the Millers. 
  • They have some nicknames, most notebly Jayton
    • Claire calls them out by their nickname a few times. Mike hates it, he thinks it sounds cheesy. Payton and Jason don't mind.
    • Nate refers to them as the Golden Couple even before they were romanically together.
  • who’s the cuddler: Payton
  • who makes the bed: Payton
  • who wakes up first: Jason
  • who has the weird taste in music: Same taste in instrument (Piano). Jason has yet to learn how to appreciate Taylor Swift.
  • who is more protective: Mr. Overprotective himself, Jason
  • who sings in the shower: Payton, mostly Taylor Swift
  • who cries during movies: Payton
  • who spends the most while out shopping: Jason, because he finds it necessary to have 3 apple cutters (he likes those things.) He also buys expensive gifts every week. Payton does not complain
  • who kisses more roughly: Jason
  • who is more domineering: Payton
  • who controls the remote: Jason claims the tv when he's watching, but often Payton switches the channel with her powers
  • what pets do they have: originally a cat Salem. Then Jason bought Alena a dog Pluto. Now Salem's back, everyone happy.
  • who was the one to propose : Jason
  • who stressed moe over wedding planning : Jason at first, because he had no idea it was that complicated in the 21st century. He relaxed when Alyson took on part of the planning
  • who decorated the house : Ehm... Claire and Alyson originally. Jason picked the bedroom curtains.
  • who does the cooking : Jason cooks pretty often, but he isn't allowed to touch the Silverstone family receipe's, so...
  • who is more organized : Both equally
  • who iniatiates bedroom fun : Both equally
  • who suggested kids first : neither. Later Jason talked first about having more.
  • who is the big-spoon/little spoon : Payton is little spoon
  • what's their favorite non-sexual activity : playing the piano together
  • who comes home drunk at 3AM : Neither (Jason, minus the drunk)
  • who kills the spiders : Payton, from a 10 feet distance
  • who falls asleep first : Payton, always
  • head canon : They have broken up 1.5 times
  • do they have any rituals : They go to the cementary on Christopher & Lillian's anniversary. Jason plays happy birthday on the piano on Payton's birthday. Jason will hold her in his arms at night when there's a storm, no matter where he is or what he's doing.
  • who is louder : Payton
  • who is more experimental : Payton
  • who takes more risks : Jason
  • do they fuck or make love : make love
  • lights on or off : off
  • who is more spontaneous : Payton
  • who does the laundry : Payton
  • who gets up in the middle of the night for the baby : Jason
  • who is most likely to steal the others clothes : Payton. She has a Jason's clothes-drawer
  • what is the most trivial thing they fight over : Jason's books on the bookshelf (They're not alphabetical!)
  • who steals the blankets : Jason drapes his over hers :)
  • who remembers anniversaries : Jason
  • who gets the food and who stays at the table : Payton gets the food, because she's the only one who has to eat it
  • who stays up untill 2AM reading : Both, but not simultaneously
  • who initiates pda : Jason
  • who gives nicknames : Jason (Darling, Love but also Babe/Bae and wifey)
  • who apologizes first after an argument : Payton. She'd do her :/ face and kiss him. Then all is forgiven, tbh
  • what kind of gifts do they get for eachother : Jason has a 200dollar budget he spends on gifts a monthly basis. Payton keeps buying him a planner, but he doesn't use it.
  • what's their favorite place to be together : Their spot, Waterfall, backyard, Attic, his room at the Dawsons, at the piano
  • their song : I Still Love You - josh jenkins
  • where did they go on their honeymoon : some island in the carribean
  • where did they first meet : Payton's bedroomdoor at SJBS
  • who are the godparents of their children : Alyssa & Justin and Claire and Seth
  • what do they do when they're away from eachother : Jason stalks. Payton goes on a vampire killing spree.
  • who says I Love You the most : Jason
  • who is the dirty talker : Jason
  • what would they do if the other one was hurt : Payton would heal Jason if he's not healing by himself. Jason would yell at Elisabeth to fix her.
  • who spoils the kids the most : Jason
  • who proposes to bathe/shower together : Payton