James Dawson
Biographical information
Full birthname None
Also known as None
Titles None
Born 1575 in Bretagne, France.
Turned 1611 in Paris, France
Died Poisoned (turned)
Battle with the Anconi
Age 36 (physical)
432/433 (Season One)
Occupation Unknown
Residence The Dawson House
Supernatural information
Species Vampire
Bloodline Unknown
Family & Relationships
Parents Unknown
Siblings Unknown
Relatives Unknown
Sexuality Straight
Relationships Elisabeth Dawson (wife)
Children None
Physical description
Height 6'0"
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color blue
Portrayed By Alex O'Loughlin
James Dawson is a main character in Touch of Magic. He is married to Elisabeth Dawson and the older brother of Julie Dawson, John Dawson and Joachim Dawson among three other unnamed siblings.

He is a vampire and the leader of The Dawsons. He is an ally of The Silverstone Family through being founding members of Waterfall Creek.


Early LifeEdit

James was born in 1575 in Bretagne, France as the oldest of 7 siblings. Three of them, including James, where giving away by their parents in exchange for keeping their property. James, and his younger siblings Juliet and Jean were taken as a sacrafice in 1601.

James was able to escape and left his siblings in order to survive. However his freedom was short-lived after they chased him down and continued with their plan to turn him into a vampire. Left alone by his creators after being turned, James found the mild satisfaction of animal blood and tried to continue living his life.

About 100 years later he found the young woman named Elisabeth in Paris. James saw something in the troubled woman and turned her as his companion. Some decades later, they fell in love. Having turned to human blood to satisfy his bloodlust, Elisabeth gave him the strength to get rid of it.  (see Elisabeth and James.

After having spent more then a century together in 20  mayor European cities, they decided to cross the atlantic to America. James improved his English and got paperwork as immigrants for him and Elisabeth. Once they crossed the ocean they travelled west, having heard of a territorial conflict regarding the east half of the continent. They followed pioneers who went to the pacific ocean. Eventually they settled in Waterfall Creek, a town they helped found. 

After several years they left again in order to avoid raising suspision to their appearance. While travelling across the Rocky Mountains they crossed paths with Jason. Despite being hesitant and weary of other vampires, James allowed Jason to join them on their travels. After several years they became close friends.

James then heard rumors of his siblings and the people who turned him. Keeping the secret of his siblings from his newfound family, he decided to switch his diet over to human blood to be able to protect the people he loved. While feeding on human blood, James found a young man fatally injured after being struck by lightning. Knowing his diet could save the man's life, James opted to turn Seth into a vampire. While Elisabeth thought Seth the ropes of how to deal with his newfound abilities, Jason aided James through detox stating that they would be able to face whoever came after them, because they were family. James then stepped up his role and offered Seth to join their group.

Throughout their travels in the next few decades, James encouraged his family to give back to the community, and they spend a lot of time building houses and helping communities. That is where James and his family got introduced to Alyssa by Jason and Seth. Originally James didn't like her secrecy regarding her background, but eventually Jason convinced James that Alyssa was no different from him. James agreed, and proceeded to offer Alyssa the safety of their group, to which she said she had that type of safety already. Regardless of it, Alyssa agreed to join them on their travels. 

When Alyssa's secrecy increased, James started to doubt his decision to trust her. For a while he thought her secrecy had something to do with her close relationship with Jason and Seth. When Alyssa denied being romantically involved with them, James confronted her about her mysterious behaviour and secrecy. Alyssa then admitted to him that during one of their hunts she stumbled upon an injured human and fed on him. Knowing Alyssa was now feeding on human blood, James faced the dilemma of having to keep his family's "code" or to aid his friend.

He hadn't made the choice yet when the group stumbled upon a railroad accident. Due to the amount of casualties and the temptation it would provide, especially for Alyssa, James opted to back away and not get involved. However Elisabeth insisted on helping where they could, and so they approached the crash site.

When James found out that Alyssa had used her diet to save two humans' life, he thanked her for it, knowing they almost turned away from them. However soon after Alyssa apologized to him for giving him expectations she couldn't live up to. When Alyssa decided to leave, James was faced with two vampires who were just turned. Consulting Elisabeth, he briefly considered splitting off from the others and continuing their lives together, but Elisabeth refused to leave their friends after the decades they had spent together.

  • Lauren and Nate

Season OneEdit

James and the rest of his extended clan settle back in Waterfall Creek in the 21st century, calculating a reasonable time since Lillian and Christopher got murdered. James tasks his youngest members, Lauren and Nate, to infiltrate in the local high school, but they fail a test dealing with temptation. Jason and Seth, who have more experience with human interaction, take their places. They return with the news that despite reports of them living in Texas, the Silverstone sisters are living in the dorms, which creates an obstacle for James and his family.

He originally trusts Jason and Seth to establish a peaceful alliance between them, relying on the previous alliances they have made with The Silverstone Family but when Payton threatens them with eviction, James has to make a decision for his family. He decides to respect Payton's wishes and moves his family back out of Waterfall Creek. When Lauren and Nate get hit by the spell, an error made by Claire in an attempt to disharm it causes for Lauren and Nate to have increased bloodlust, and they feed on a hiker. Due to Claire's efforts to create a truce, he is able to help Lauren and Nate.

With Payton agreeing to letting the Dawsons stay for now, James attempts to reason with her and he warns her that more mercenaries will find their way now that they've both settled in the same town. Payton exclaims she can take care of herself, but James manages to convince her to attend a gathering between his most trusted allies. At the gathering he receives sceptisism on his alliance with the Silverstones, who have more reason to hate them then before. As a result, many of their allies chose not to help James and his family in protecting their territory. Knowing they are mostly on their own, James sends out Alyson and Dylan to contact their European allies, while he attempts to train Payton and Claire for any attack that might be coming their way.

Season TwoEdit


Season Three Edit

James and Elisabeth decide to leave Waterfall Creek when Elisabeth wants to study medecine again.

Season Four Edit

James and Elisabeth return to Waterfall Creek when a mysterious phenomenon appears: Payton turns out to be pregnant of Jason's child. James originally thinks this was the couple's intention, and he lectures Jason about the dangers of it. Payton steps in to defend Jason, stating that if anything is to blame it's her magic. This makes James realize that the pregnancy wasn't planned, and he tries to support the idea while his wife tries to resolve the medical mystery.

When they hear of the potential dangers for Payton, James offers his support to Jason and lifts up his spirit. Jason questions if James would be willing to stand up against the Anconi, to which James states that Jason's child is family to him. When Jason's fear becomes reality, and the Anconi demand the child to be handed over to them, James is faced with an ultimatum. The Anconi holds Lauren and Nate's lives hostage, making James chose between his friends from over a century and hypothetical family. 

During the fight that follows, James appears to be accepting the ultimatum and willing to sacrifice Payton's child. This causes Jason to attack him. The fight between the two of them acts as a distraction, allowing the Anconi to attack Payton. The attack is ultimately unsuccessfull due to the sacrifice of Lauren and Nate, who take out the Anconi leader and get killed themselves because of it.

Season FiveEdit

In their grief, James explains to Jason that he had a plan to make sure everyone survived but Jason insists that he should have trusted him to communicate about it, instead of risking the outcome that has happened. James and Jason's relationship troubles because of this, enfueled by the fact that Payton feels guilty for Lauren and Nate's death and Jason tries to move that guilt onto James.



James was born in 1575, which makes him one of the oldest vampires. He was turned in 1611, at the age of 36 which is his immortal appearance. His age has given him lots of time to gain knowledge but he also has a lot of physical strength. Despite being turned by the First Coven, he was left to fend for himself and turned to animal blood for the majority of his diet. James has been known to switch his diet three times:

  • 1705-1711 - James was on human blood after finding a founded person in the woods and he gave in to his temptation. Six years later, he found a weak, malnourished and dying Elisabeth and he decided to turn her so she could survive. Having the responsibility of teaching another vampire, James switched his diet back to animal blood.
  • 1823-1825 - James was on human blood for two years after hearing rumors of his siblings coming for him to punish him for leaving. In this time he was obsessed with this potential threat. He stumbled upon Seth who has been fatally struck by lightning, and chose to turn him. James realized that he was meant to be there to save Seth, and with the guidance of Elisabeth he let go of his obsession of their safety.
  • 1882-1883 - For a few months during winter, James resorted to human blood because the area they lived in didn't have enough fauna for everyone to feed on. He mainly lived on bloodbags and donations, but when a girl interrupted him during a feed, James couldn't hold himself back. He turned Lynn into a vampire without telling any of the others in his family, giving him the contact info of a friend of his that could best help her.

James is a leader who is fiercly protective of his family. He considers everyone in his group as his friends, and has unique bonds with everyone, which causes for a democratic leadership style. With his group consisting of both his sires, and vampires from other groups, James is shown to be inclusive when it comes to the backgrounds of these vampires. Despite of this, he is still a guy who follows the rules, and often reminds those he surrounds himself of. He has passed on his lifestyle to the vampires around them, teaching them to respect humanity and protect it, rather than harm it. This ideaology has lead many members of his family to partake in charity and humanitarean work. Within the vampire community James is a respected leader, whose peaceful political strategy has gained him reasonable territorial advantage. James is more a passivist when it comes to disputes, and will rarely resort to violence to settle them.

Education and CareerEdit


  • 1575 - 1611: Born and raised on the french countryside, before being turned in an unknown chateau where he later escaped from.
  • 1711: Lyon, France where he met Elisabeth outside a tavern
  • 1809: Waterfall Creek
  • 1820-1825: Canada
  • 1847: London, United Kingdom
  • 1860-1880's: Rocky Mountains, USA
  • 1883-1890: Salt Lake City, USA
  • 1914-1922: Waterfall Creek
  • 1922-1939: Seattle, USA
    • 1922-1930 in north-Seattle
    • 1930-1939 in south-Seattle
  • 1940-1945: World travel due to vampire politics
  • 1946-1963: Kansas City, USA
  • 1963-1973: Twin Falls, Idaho, USA
  • 1973-1978: Helena, Montana, USA
  • 1981-1989: Medellin, Colombia
  • 2001-2005: Billings, Montana, USA
  • 2008-2017: Waterfall Creek



James and Elisabeth are married and are leaders of The Dawsons together. James is also Elisabeth's sire. They have a long history and they know eachother very well. (see more : Elisabeth and James)

Reyven was a first coven member who aided James in his escape. He admited to her that he was in love with her, but she did not return those feelings.


James and Jason are, despite of their difference in physical age, very close friends. They consider each other brothers, and have seen each other in dark places during their travels in the early 19th century and later on. Jason has respect for James in the way that he handles his vampire leadership, having experienced far different ways. James has often referred to Jason as the reason he became the leader he is. James considers Jason his second-in-command.

James and Seth have a very easy relationship, one that is based in a lot of trust. Being his sire, Seth has learned everything he knows from James and goes to him for guidance and advice. Meanwhile James sees Seth as a reason to embrace his nature. Seth often aids James in entering a new era, embracing the changes that the new time brings.

James and Alyssa's political situation has always caused for him to caution on the side of creating a friendship that was too close. Despite of this, he considers Alyssa family and has stepped up in times of need. Alyssa sees James as a father figure. Their friendship is often under the shadow of bureaucracy, but underneath is a layer of love that both of them value a lot.