Greene Bloodline
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Christopher Greene
Payton Silverstone
Claire Silverstone
Liam Greene
Lucy Greene
Marc Greene


Alive (Liam, Payton, Claire)
Deceased (Christopher, Lucy, Marc)

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Silverstone family
Curtis family


Greene Castle in Slivatica


The Elders (formerly)

The Greene-bloodline is the bloodline of descendants of the 5th Ancient Witch , Lysra. They are not the strongest witches out there, but they do have the second largest base of spells (after the Silverstones).

The most notable members of the bloodline include Liam Greene , Payton and Claire Silverstone , all children of the late Christopher Greene. Additional important members are Sam, Ben and Levi Greene. The Bloodline was under heavy criticisim because their king was a former vampire, who (by genetics of his father) became a witch after loosing his vampire DNA. Liam would also take the throne from another living royal, which was highly unconventional. Liam was granted the throne after all when he changed his name, being the first named Greene witch/wizard in over a decade.

Meaning and symbolismEdit

The name Green is probably the most obvious name , since this bloodline is still most related to nature , especially earth and woods. The name itself is very rare. In between Lucy's death and Liam becoming a human and legally changing his name the name had been extinct briefly. Both Payton and Claire technically have a double-name but they both dropped it (not legally though) in high school.


It is the second activated bloodline (activated in 1715), and therefore the second longest active until today. However , the activation didn't bring any big active powers, just the one to connect to the earth and plants. Because of its specialty it is often considered weak because earth and woods are the first elements any witch can control.  They have the ability to control fauna and flora , as well as anything else related to earth. However , it takes a lot of practise. Within the magical community this has always been a huge questionmark because the bloodline should've been more powerfull by now, but no descendants were born with another power. Constance Greene was the first one to be born with active powers , but chances are her father had it to. Most likely unaware of it , since it is a rather unnoticable power. 

The trigger to the activation was an attack on Constance mother during pregnancy , causing her mother to die giving birth. This trigger also caused confusion , since it's not a defensive power or one that could have helped the descendants. 

But that doesn't mean the magical community is wrong. There is in fact way more potential to the power , to the extinct that witches of the Greene bloodline can actually use nature's life essence in order to bring someone back to live. However this news was kept under the radar when Lucy Greene found out about it , since she was a valuable asset and people might want to kill her for having that power , and thus endangering the fate of the Silverstone sisters.

Magical DimensionEdit

Slivatica is a a kingdom in the Magical Dimension that has a lot of resources. They are experts in plants, supplying lots of families with magical herbs. The Greene Bloodline have lots of recipes with these plants, and they are very known for them.


House GreeneEdit

For the main line of descendants , see The Greene Family

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