Touch of Magic wouldn't be much of a great story without some undestroyable friendships.


Jalysseth (Jason , Alyssa & Seth) is a frienship that has been existing for decades now , and is rock sollid. Due to Alyssa's biological connections to the Millers , it hasn't always been easy to maintain the friendship , but they never forget about the pact they made a century ago...

Jason & SethEdit

Jasona nd Seth really bonded even more when they got sent to Boarding School together. Before they were sollid hunting partners because the other vampires in their clan liked to hunt with their other half.

Jason & AlyssaEdit

Jason and Alyssa's frienship had been under a lot of pressure with the possiblity of Jason being Alyssa's biological father , but most of the times they like to forget that and just be friends.

Alyssa & SethEdit

Alyssa , being one of Claire's closest friends , has been the go-to person for Seth when it comes to Claire. But even before , Seth always saw Alyssa as his go-to source for anything. In return , Seth is one of the best in 'fixing' Alyssa , when she takes a dark path for a little while.