Dylan McKenzie
Biographical information
Full birthname None
Also known as None
Titles None
Born April 8th, 1813 in Scotland
Turned 1839 in an unknown location
Died Hemorage (turned)
Age 26 (physical)
194/195 (Season One)
Occupation Unknown
Residence - Bristol (birth-1839)

- Dawson house (1900-1908)
- Chicago (1920-1926)
- Sweden (1968-1970)
- Paris (1982-1990)
- McKenzie beachhouse (currently)

Supernatural information
Species Vampire
Bloodline Alyssa Miller
Abilities Standard Vampire Abilities
Family & Relationships
Parents Unknown
Siblings Unknown
Relatives Unknown
Sexuality Straight
Relationships Alyson McKenzie (wife)
Children Aylin McKenzie
Physical description
Height 6'3.75"
Hair Color blonde
Eye Color blue
Portrayed By Chris Hemsworth
If you're James Dean, what does that make me ?
— Dylan to Nate Dawson

Dylan McKenzie (née Thelonious Charles McKenzie) is a character in Touch of Magic. He is married to Alyson McKenzie and has an adopted daughter with her, Aylin McKenzie

He is a vampire and part of the Dawson group. Due to the feud betwen his wife and Alyssa, he never had a close relationship to her, while she is technically his sire. 


Early Life Edit

Dylan had an older brother who drowned as a kid. Ever since, Dylan has a fear of open water. He was raised in a family of servants, and eventually became a servant himself for the same Bristol family Alyson worked for.

Dylan McKenzie

When he got back from a long trip he almost died in the Forrest Hill Train Disaster. He got turned by Alyssa Miller minutes before he would have drawn his last breath. This was because Alyson had asked Alyssa to find him and safe him. He lost his memory due to head trauma and could not remeber anything about his life. With a little bit of luck he found a passengerslist with his last name on it. Since his first name wasn't on the list, he chose it himself. They later burned the page with his name on it to get rid of the evidence.

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Dylan McKenzie in his human life

Dylan McKenzie (Dawson)

Dylan was able to adjust to vampire life rather quickly. At first he did not want to be vampire, but he knew that there was no other option. He aided in the recovery and adaption of Alyson to vampire life, because he adjusted sooner than she did. After that they moved to the West together, where there was more room to adapt to their new lives. By the turns of the centuries, the two had bcome more then hunting buddies, and they confirmed their relationship to Elisabeth and James. Dylan made sure to first ask James' persmission, seeing as Alyson had adapted his name in a coping mechanism to process the traume of the accident. Soon after that he asked her to marry him. He took her to a romantic restaurant and went down on one knee. Alyson hadn't seen it coming, but she said yes. They were engaged for a very long time, but never really got married.

Dylan as a new vampire


Dylan during detox

In 1920 Dylan and Alyson moved into an appartment in Chicago in an attempt to have a normal life. Dylan started working as a firemen, because he felt like he had to do something better with his life. After one year however, Dylan came across some other vampires in the town and he became a type A-vampire, hiding this from Alyson. When he saves two teenagers from burning in a warehouse when he is on a job, Alyson finds out. She calls over Elisabeth and James. Dylan goes to a brief detox, and then takes responsibility for what he did to Nate and Lauren.They remain closeby, as Dylan tries to assist his sires as much as possible. He later tells Lauren not to go back to her family because he knows how much it hurts to see them, but not to be with them. She first doesn't wnat to believe him, but when he tells her how he died and that he can't remember them, she understands that he is right. In 1940 at the start of World WarII, they move back to America.

Dylan around the time of world war II

In the late 60's Dylan and Alyson move to Sweden. Dylan loves it in Sweden. The freedom that he feels there is unreal, but he wished that he had his family with him. He still couldn't remember them and this was still hard on him. Alyson is the one keeping him on the right path in this kind of difficult time in his life. He wanted to find his family, just to make sure that they had moved on, but his research turned out to nothing every single time. After their time has run out there they move back to America. They also spend some time in Japan and Canada before buying an appartment in Paris and living there from 1990 to 1998. In the early 21st century they join the Dawson family again and move back to Waterfall Creek, the town they lived before moving to Chicago.
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Dylan in Chicago

When the two witches join their group he has to adjust to their scent for a while. He never thought of them as food, but he had a hard time, because their scent was so different. He tried to cover it up by making jokes about it, but Alyson knew he had trouble with it sometimes. He did start to care for the girls and that made it even harder. He did not want to hurt them. Shortly after Seth meets Claire for the first time Dylan proposes to Alyson for a second time, after having done so in Chicago. This time she agrees to get married, and they do so in the spring of 2011. They purchase a house in the Hamptons that summer, meant as a vacation house. Yet they stick around longer when they meet an adoption agent. They travel to China in the winter to get away from the though procedure that comes along with their legal status. They end up in an orphanage, and fall in love with a little 3 year old girl there. They contact their adoption agent, and a few months later they can take Aylin back to the Hamptons.


Dylan is a humorous guy who doesn't take life to seriously. He is a big fan of sports and loves to play with Seth or watch a game on tv. His first real love was Alyson and that never really changed. Family is very important to him and he would always pick them first. He can be very protective and doesn't like it when people lie to him. Honesty is one of the most important things to him. Therefor it was so hard for him to lie to Alyson about the fact that he was a type B-vampire for a while.


Education and CareerEdit








  • Dylan is the only member of the Dawson family who never had the last name Dawson.
  • Dylan was a firefighter in Chicago and later again in Waterfall Creek 
  • Dylan is the Dawson's family film collector and he is in charge of their fake identity and paperwork.
  • Dylan owns a vintage Dodge Charger that he used to work on with Nate. Since his death he hasn't driven it.