Drew Turner
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Full birthname None
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Born Unknown
Turned N/A
Died None
Age Unknown
Occupation Unknown
Residence Unknown
Supernatural information
Species Human
Bloodline Unknown
Abilities None
Family & Relationships
Parents Unknown
Siblings Unknown
Relatives Unknown
Sexuality Straight
Relationships None
Children None
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Height Unknown
Hair Color None
Eye Color None
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Drew is a recurring character in The Heart. He is the former boyfriend of both Naomi and Cassidy. He is a human, but knows about magic. He is the reason why Naomi and Cassidy didn't talk to eachother for over 10 months.


Early LifeEdit

Drew's parents had an unstable relationship before he was born , as they met during a summer holliday of Drew's father in Italy. They had a summer romance , resulting in Drew. His parents agreed he'd be raised by his mother , but he would know who his true father would be. 

He did get a stephfather, and got along with him. When Drew's mom died, he discovered his step-father was a hunter when he found a bunch of hunting gear in his garage. Drew demanded and explenation, which his step-father gave him. Drew then got trained for 4 months as a hunter, before he got send to Alaska to stay with his biological father. In reality Drew was tasked with observing the Hainasoni witches and wizards to find a way to kill them.

Season OneEdit

When he arrived in Alaska in the summer of 2012 he didn't like the weather, but he focussed on the mission instead. He convinced his father to help him meet some more people. Since his real father had no idea about his intentions or magic whatsoever,he unknowingly introduced Drew to Bryan Thornton,his father's old friend and the father of Naomi. A few weeks later, he met Cassidy by the lake where Cassidy was struggling with the ropes of the boat. Drew helped her out, and ever since that day they met up at the lake as much as they possibly could. After a while, they started romantically seeing eachother. (See Cassidy and Drew.)

When Cassidy left for her summer internship in the summer of 2013, they promised to keep their long-distance relationship while Drew supposedly would save money to move to Seattle with her. However in reality, Drew quickly handed in his research on her and her family, and awaited extraction. However when the hunters found out he was very close to the source, they told him to investigate more. That is when Drew took on an offer from Bryan Thornton to help them out on the family compound. This is how Drew met Naomi, Cassidy's younger cousin. He was immediatly drawn to her, before he found out who exactly she was. He told himself he would not gather information on her, but after getting a serious phonecall from his bosses he started taking notes anyways. When Naomi gets taken away to go to Greek Hill, Drew wants to protest but he realises he isn't supposed to know anything about it so he doesn't say anything. However he decides to take no more notes on any of the family. He quits his little job at the compound, and retreives himself to focus on training his skills.

Season TwoEdit

When Cassidy returns in the spring of 2014 he tries to act normal, but can't hide his relief when she tells him she met someone else. When the Hainasoni decide to break free from their parents, Drew overhears the plan and disobeys direct orders to sabotage their car from the hunters. Drew decides to follow the witches to Waterfall Creek, as he plans to confess to Cassidy and Naomi what he's done.

TOM S6 crossover episodeEdit

However when he finds out they're staying at the Miller motel he realises he will never get close enough to them without alerting the vampires he's a hunter. That's when he literally runs into Cassidy. When she sees his notebook with her and Naomi's name on it she grabs it, and starts reading it, uncovering his betrayal. She then burns the book, and tells him never to come near her again. Nick walks into the conversation, and suggests he should handle Drew, but Cassidy declines the offer.

They leave Drew behind in the woods, which is where he gets ambushed by the hunters when they find out, they realised Drew has sympathised with the enemy. He gets killed by Tristan Davis. For his funeral, Cassidy and Naomi both attend, and they comfort eachother.