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The Curtis-bloodline is the bloodline of the descendants of the sixth witch Myrya.  It is (besides the Ambroise-bloodline) the only bloodline with a base in Europe (where it was named the Courtois-bloodline) , but the main branch of the bloodline moved to America quickly.


Its name origins from the stone that represents the bloodline ; the Lapis Rosa Quartz. The pink sight of the rock symbolizes the kindness , which is the strongest feature of the bloodline ; they are known for their compassion and ability to love endlessly.


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The current generation of the bloodline although is small. Only one witch , Phoebe Curtis , has active powers due to the fact that she was born after her family being strapped from their active powers. Her siblings , Connor , Ariël and Chloë and also their mother Linda , were punished and lost their powers but the cause is unknown. Being the only active witch of the bloodline she is being taught about it by none other than the Silverstone witches. She will eventually claim that her family gets their powers back after more than 20 years, and she will be successful.


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