Christopher Greene
Biographical information
Full birthname Christopher Frank Greene
Also known as None
Titles None
Born November 30th, 1963
Turned N/A
Died Vampire attack (December 1993)
Age 30 (ghost)
Occupation Gardener (formerly)
Residence Silverstone house
Supernatural information
Species Wizard
Bloodline Unknown
Abilities Agrokinesis
Limited mindreading
Family & Relationships
Parents Frank Greene (father)
Joanna Greene (mother)
Siblings Lucy Greene(sister)
Relatives Unknown
Sexuality Straight
Relationships Grace Miller (college fling)
Lillian Silverstone (wife)
Children Liam Greene
Payton Silverstone
Claire Silverstone
Physical description
Height 5'10"
Hair Color dark blonde
Eye Color green
Portrayed By None
Christopher Greene is a recurring character in Touch Of Magic. He is the father of Payton , Claire and Liam. He had a troubled marriage to Lillian Silverstone.

He was a wizard of the Greene Bloodline before his death, and belonged to The Greene Family.


Early lifeEdit

Christopher had a rather calm upbringing , which focused mostly around trying not to make the bloodline's reputation any worse. But he didn't make it easy on his parents. He was a real tom-boy , making treehouses in the back yard. His basic powers got in handy with that and he had perfect controll over them by the age of 12. Academically he was an average student , with a passion for nature and science. When he was 18 , his parents encouraged him to study Science. In the midst of that summer break , his older brother died and Christopher started to rebel.

He met the beautiful woman named Grace , who got his life back on track. He decided to go to Brown to study Biology. He and Grace were planning on living together when suddenly she left , and he never heared of her again.

He got over his heartbreak and on a visit to a friend in Portland he met Lillian Silverstone. Seeing his parents tried to avoid anything magical Christopher wasn't aware of her status , and they flirted. The two of them got into a relationship and their natures weren't really a problem. Christopher dropped out of school and started working at a landscaping company to pay the bills for his and Lillian's apartment. When Lillian's parents died , they moved in her family house in J.L.Meierstreet , Waterfall Creek.

Soon after that , the couple started planning a family and they got married. The passing of his parents put those plans aside for a little while , but eventually they welcomed a little girl , named Payton. Christopher and Lillian decided they didn't want any interference by the magical community in the upbringing of their daughter. However , the elders disagreed and when Christopher protested he lost his powers. He fell into a spiral of depression ,got unemployed and his marriage to Lillian broke down.

In 1991, Claire Silverstone was born. He and Lillian were no longer in a happy marriage, but Claire was the one thing that kept Christopher in his right mind. While he ignored his wife and eldest daughter, he loved Claire with all he had. Two years later, in 1993, their house gets invaded and their lives get abrupted. On a stormy night, vampires invade the house and they seperate the parents from their children. Christopher and Lillian are able to fight them off briefly, but they fail to get to their daughters back in time.

Christopher gets his powers back in the middle of the fight, in an attempt by the elders to save them. However Christopher realises the day will end in death. He gives his powers to Claire, who didn't have any active powers from Christopher. He eventually dies alongside his wife, while his daughters are able to protect themselves with Claire's shield.

Season FiveEdit

Christopher and Lillian both get summoned as spirits on Payton's wedding day. He gives his daughter and Jason his blessing, adding to it that it's not even his right because he was never a true father to her, but he wants to say it anyways. He never meets Jason face-to-face.

Season SixEdit

In Season six, Christopher and Lillian get resurrected for 12 hours, on Payton's birthday. For the first time in his life he is able to meet his son, Liam. He apologizes to both Payton and Liam for not being a father to them. When he is talking to Claire, he falls into his old habits of favoring her. Claire states to him that she doesn't want him to poison the relationship she has with her siblings, and she asks him to reconsile with them first, before they can continue to have a father-daughter relationship.


Christopher is a young man around the age of 30. He has dark blonde (formerly light blonde) hair, a treat he passed on to Claire and that runs in the family. He was muscular when he worked as a gardener.


Christopher has had his rebellious days as a kid. Part of that remains in his adult life, and he develops an anti-authority trait. However this is mostly fueled by protectiveness over his family. He has a bit of an anger problem, but overall he is a good person who simply tends to grab for the wrong things when situations don't play out according to his desire.



Education and CareerEdit









TBA (see more: Christopher and Payton

TBA (see more: Christopher and Claire

Despite never meeting his son, Christopher has affected his eldest child significantly. Christopher's genetics kept Liam alive and Liam shows a natural talent towards geokinesis from the start. Christopher also passed on his habits to his son, seeing how Liam later becomes an alcoholic who neglects his daughter.


Powers and TalentsEdit

Chrisopher was born into a magical household, and thus he was taught how to do different kind of spells to a medium degree of difficulty. He was also born with additional powers

  • Advance agrokinesis (enherited) : Christopher can, like many other family members, control the element of earth. He can make plants grow and crops thrive in the hardest conditions. He calls this power the supernatural green thumb
  • Flyrokinesis : Christopher was born with a special power, the ability to create a shield. The shield is unvisible for non-witches and non-wizards, and it keeps out anyone and anything undesired.
  • Limited mindreading : Soon after he met Lillian, he developed the power to read minds. This power is potentially a result of being in love with a witch.

Christopher was punished by the elders for complaining about their interference in Payton's upbringing, and lost his active powers due to this. He regained them in the attack on his family in 1993, but he chose to give them to Claire instead, who was born with less powers and who'd need them more.

Christopher has a passion for science, and he was also relatively good at it. He later became a gardener, which was also a talent of his.




  • Christopher is the father of two children who became the first in their species
    • Payton was the first twiceblessed witch, followed by her sister Claire.
    • Liam was the first Dhampire.