Chris Saphire
Biographical information
Full birthname Christian Eric Saphire
Also known as Chris
Titles None
Born August 3rd, 1994
Turned N/A
Died None
Age 13/14 (Season One)
14/15 (Season Two)
Occupation High School Student

Criminal Law Student (2016 - current)

Residence The Saphire House ( S1 )
SJBS/Dorms ( S2 - S3 )
Uncle Eric's House
Alyssa's Apartment ( S4 - S6 )
Portland Lofts ( S6 )
Portland Apartment ( S7/S1 )
Supernatural information
Species Human
Bloodline Unknown
Abilities None
Family & Relationships
Parents Jodie Saphire (mother)
Keith Saphire (father)
Siblings Unknown
Relatives Unknown
Sexuality Straight
Relationships Nora Rhodes (2013-2015)
Phoebe Curtis (2017 - current)
Children None
Physical description
Height 5'7"
Hair Color Dark brown
Eye Color hazel
Portrayed By Cody Christian
Alyssa put some leftovers for you in the fridge. I ate them.
— Chris to his brother Justin

Chris Saphire is a recurring character in Touch of Magic and a main character in Justice. He is the younger maternal half-brother of Justin Saphire and close friend of Phoebe Curtis.

He is a former SJBS student where he met and dated Nora Rhodes. After getting his GED he became a car mechanic, but later on persues a social law education in Portland.

Chris is a human but during his studies in Portland he tackles the problematic vampire-population in the aftermath of May's death. He has connections with The Millers 2.0 through his sister-in-law Alyssa and connections to several witch bloodlines through Phoebe Curtis, Payton Silverstone and Claire Silverstone.


Early LifeEdit

Chris was born to Jodie and Keith Saphire and grew up admiring his father , who is a military lieutenant. As a toddler and a kid he was very happy inspite of his father being gone most of the time. He grew up with Justin, his older brother, untill Justin went to boarding school.

Season OneEdit

Chris gets mentioned as Claire and Payton recall their recent vacation to California. He is later introduced in person when Justin spends the weekend at home on house arrest. Chris is seen having friends over occasionally, however he was not aware that one of his friends was blackmailing Katie. At the end of Season One Chris and Justin leave on the roadtrip with their dad, unknowing that Justin is walking away from Claire who is comatose after Alyssa wiped his memory.

Season TwoEdit

As a 16 year old, Chris shows his rebelious side brought on by his lack of a fatherly figure. He gets expelled from his private school, to which Jodie considers enrolling him in SJBS. Throughout Season Two , Justin usually returns with a new story about his rebellious brother after visiting his family.

Season ThreeEdit

At 17 Chris gets send to SJBS by his mom when his behaviour gets out of control. Justin openly protests against the idea of the two brothers sharing a room. Eventually Chris ends up not boarding because of financial issues, which Alyssa offers to pay for.  Chris then finds himself in trouble occasionally, which later requires Justin to help him out. The two brothers do bond over their shared experience at SJBS, and after a while Chris' junior year results improve. 

In the late spring of 2010 Chris finds out from Justin that their parents died. Unlike his brother, who graduates, Chris doesn't study for his exams and he fails a lot  of classes. He then decides to drop out of school, and convinces his aunt and uncle to let him get a job instead. Chris purposely gets a job with long hours as to avoid his family, including Justin who falls into a depression. Chris zones out his sadness and anger by 

When Justin moves out of his aunt and uncles house to attend university, Chris is left alone. His aunt and uncle had led him do his thing and they hand't pushed him to go back to school. He got offered a job in construction through a contact of his uncle Eric. When Justin takes him on a visit to Waterfall Creek, Chris proposes to attend SJBS again, saying he's ready to make something of his life. He was allowed to move over to his junior year at the age of 18 while Justin tried to visit as much as possible in his first year in university.

Season FourEdit

When his parents died , he stopped attending SJBS and dropped out without finishing his school year. His older brother became his guardian then. Because of the circumstances of their parent's death Justin was forced to inform Chris about magic with the help of Claire. Chris learned about witches (which he found very cool) and vampires. From the start , he grew a hatred over the latter due to Jared killing his parents. His main hatred was focussed on Alyssa , his sister-in-law and the daughter of the person who killed his parents. were he met Phoebe Curtis. In the 2 years he attended , he gained a reputation but never got expeled because of his father's interveniance with the principal. 

When he meets a somewhat conservative Elenora Rhodes he changed. The partying stopped to much relief of his friend Phoebe and his brother Justin. His hatred towards Alyssa however never really stops , in the contrary ; when his girlfriend is bitten by Thomas on a camping trip and turned into a vampire he gets furious.



Education and CareerEdit






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