Chloë and Liam
Nickname None
Intimacy level None
Species None
First met June 2014
Duration N/A
Status Separated

Chloë Curtis is a part of Liam Greene now. She is a part of who he is and he gladly let her took over his mind and soul and heart, she gave him hope and she changed him and he can’t see his life without her in it. I think that for both of them, they were meant to be, in the most realistic non-romantic heartbreaking way possible.
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This is the relationship between Chloë Curtis and Liam Greene.


Season One

Season Two

Season Three

Liam and Chloë meet in town square on May 17th 2014. After Liam leaves Claire's birthday party which he crashed, he wonders around town and finds Chloë in the park. Chloë had returned early from University to spend time with her sister because she'd be missing her graduation, something her mother didn't appreciate. Chloë was very upset when she met Liam. Originally, she had the sense to ignore him, but Liam persisted and they went for a drink together. Chloë ends up telling her whole life story, while Liam watches in an amused way.

A few days later, Liam collapses in the middle of the woods and finds himself all sore and he realises he no longer has any vampire abilities. Completely lost and shocked, he goes to his sisters house where Phoebe opens the door. Phoebe keeps Liam at bay, which is when Chloë recognizes the name. While Jason goes through detox and Payton recovers from her injuries and her stay at the hospital, Chloë and Liam become friends and she guides him in the world of humanity. When Phoebe tells Chloë it is not safe for her to be in the house because Jason will be trying out his restraint, Chloë finds herself without a place to stay which is when  Liam offers to share a hotel room. Although the reformed Liam has no intentions, they do end up sleeping together. The next morning Liam remembers the story Chloë told him in the bar, and he shows genuine concern for her situation.

Chloë finds someone who is willing to listen her and who doesn't have prejudices, and the two spend a lot of time together. When Liam arrives at the house during the birth of his niece, Mila is also there. When Liam mentions her later on, Chloë asks about her and Liam calls her 'the biggest mistake of my life'. Chloë is taken aback by this, but when Mila asks her about her and Liam's relationship status, things get clarified. Mila says Chloë is safe to date whoever she likes, and Mila shows Liam has changed. Liam and Chloë both admit they have feelings for one another, which is surprising to both because they only know eachother shortly. Liam invites Chloë to move in with him in the crappy studio above the club so she wouldn't have to pay for a hotel. From that point on they have a wonderfull romance, where Chloë brings out the good in Liam and helps him with humanity, while Liam is a support during Chloë's struggle with her family.

3.5 month after their original encounter Liam wakes up and finds a goodbye letter to Liam. She says she can not live under the pressure of her family, and she writes she has gone back to University. In reality, Chloë has left because she found out she is pregnant, and she knows Liam didn't want any kids (yet). In fear of ruining his life, and bringing a child into the dangers of the town, she goes to her sister instead of enrolling back into University. She stays at her sisters while Liam is completely unaware to the pregnancy.

After they find out Chloë suffers from pre-eclampsia she is taken into a hospital. Ariël is on the verge of calling her family but Chloë convinces her not to. When Liam sees a call that gets abrupted quickly, he wonders if it might have been Chloë.

As Liam and his sisters battle the Anconi, Chloë is fighting for her baby with the help of Ariël. Ariël calls in a favor with Connor's boyfriend when Chloë suffers high fever. He insists on knowing who the father is, which is when Chloë tells him it's Liam Greene. This is the first time says it out loud, and she also tells him that he should get the child if she dies, which is something that she fears for. Ultimetly Chloë recovers, and she spends the holidays in new york. After that, she agrees with Chloë on going back to Waterfall Creek. During a long weekend in spring break, they make the travel to the west coast. They get involved in a car accident however, ending up in both of them unconcious on the ground.

After the accident, Chloë is rushed into Waterfall Creek (since the accident happened near the boarder) which is when Liam finds out Chloë was on her way (through a phonecall with Connor) and that he should go to the hospital. Chloë is rushed into emergency delivery. She is concious when Sophia is born, but she crashes minutes after as soon as the baby is gone. Chloë whispers Sophias name as the baby leaves her sight, and then she dies.

Liam arrives in the hospital with Phoebe. When Phoebe hears her elder sister is in coma, she rushes to her. When the doctors say they can't do anything, Phoebe returns to where she met up with Liam. She sees how a nurse informs him about Chloë's death, and Phoebe watches him crumble down. She rushes too him and tries to comfort him. When the nurses says he'll be able to see his daughter briefly they are both shocked. Unaware of any pregnancy and without any preparation, Liam spots the cod with Sophia's name on it 'baby Greene' and he is in tears. He gets to hold her briefly, before Linda arrives and orders him to stay away from her grandchild. Phoebe is able to convince Linda to go and see Ariël, while Phoebe and Liam bond over Sophia and their loss of Chloë.At Chloë's funeral, Liam is flanked by his sisters and Phoebe as he puts down one white rose on Chloë's coffin.

Liam practically resides in the hospital during Sophia's many tests over her premature birth. He meanwhile also remains a support to Phoebe, who tries her best to change her mothers mind. But Linda wont cave, and she files for custody over the newborn Sophia. Liam and Chloë's child eventually has her fate decided in court, which is where Liam is granted full custody, and Linda has visitation rights with the pressence of Phoebe.

Because she was still fighting with her mother he offered her to move in to his new condo about Claire's store and the club. Despite the early stage of their relationship she agreed, and moved in. They have bought a lot of stuff together while making plans for their combined future.