Aria and Ivy
Nickname Ivia
Intimacy level Twinsisters
Species Vampires
First met Unknown
Duration 1694-currently
Status N/A

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This is the relationship between twinsisters Ivy Woods and Aria Woods.

Ivy and Aria, commonly refered to as the Woods-twins, are identical twinsisters and both vampires. They were turned by the same person but have gone seperate ways in their few hundred years on earth.



Ivy and Aria were born somewhere in a little town in Bulgaria in 1694. There wasn't a lot of money when they were growing up and most of the time they were home alone or they had to help sell stuff at the local market. It was their only income. Because they had to help so much there wasn't much of a childhood for them. Other children didn't want to play and talk to them, or they weren't allowed to. So Ivy and Aria grew up rather lonely. They had each other though and that made their connection even stronger.

When they got older they started to push their family away. Mason had left already and they hadn't heard from him for a while. They started to hang out with the wrong kind of people and within a year they had left their homes and travelled with some friends to Croatia. They encountered a woman around their age and she seemed really nice. They agreed on having a drink with her at a local bar, but when they woke up they were somewhere else. Julie Dawson had changed the two sisters, because she thought twins were such a privilege to have in her coven. She could use them for a lot of plans that she had.

Ivy decided to leave though, which made Aria kind of angry. She needed her sister and she couldn't stand to be away from her. Aria was really sick from the fact that Ivy had left, she had never had anybody else and now she felt really alone again. This drove the two of them apart. Aria has toughened up under the reign of Julie Dawson and she doesn't care about feelings anymore. Ivy on the other hand still has some humanity left. This actually drives them apart further when they meet up again once in 1965.

Season OneEdit

After the death of her coven, Aria calls Ivy and asks if they could meet. They do meet, and Ivy realises her sister is really all alone. They agree to travel together, but Aria feels that Ivy is too distracted because of Tom and she leaves the two of them behind.

Season SixEdit

In Season Six, Aria hears that Ivy is in Waterfall Creek, the same town where Julie and John got killed. She wonders what on earth her sister could be doing there, when she finds out it's actually their brother Mason who has pulled her into the danger zone. Aria tries to convince Ivy to get away from the town, but Tom talks to Ivy convincing her to stay. This starts a fight between Aria and Tom, something Ivy hates to see. Eventually Tom admits that he has alterior motives and that he is working for Jade along with Elaine. Ivy is hurt by this, and she breaks up with Tom. Aria comforts her sister and convinces Ivy to go to LA and find a distraction.

At the end of the season, Tom returns and Aria decides she doesn't want to cause any more trouble so she moves out again. 






  • Aria is the oldest twin
  • Aria has pretended to be her sister on many occasions.
    • You can usually tell it's Aria by the amount of jewelery and the fact that Aria tends to have really curly hair , while Ivy's is more wavy or straight
    • Aria once took the blame for crimes Ivy commited. Tom, who found out, was able to use his connections at The Anconi to clear the charges and wipe the existence of Ivy and Aria from the database.