Amore Dawson
Biographical information
Full birthname None
Also known as None
Titles None
Born May 30th 2014
Turned N/A
Died N/A
Age 0
Occupation Unknown
Residence Silverstone house
Supernatural information
Species Dhampire
Bloodline Unknown
Abilities Solarkinesis


Family & Relationships
Parents Unknown
Siblings Unknown
Relatives Unknown
Sexuality Straight
Relationships None
Children None
Physical description
Height 5'3"
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Grey
Portrayed By None
 Amore 'Amy' Dawson is the youngest daughter of Payton Silverstone and Jason Dawson. She has an older brother , AJ Dawson, and an older sister, Alena Dawson. She is half-witch, half-vampire like her siblings, nieces and nephew, and lives along with them in the Silverstone House. She is the dhampire witch with the most potential for her witchcraft, being the first thirdborn in the third bloodline of witches.

She is a member of the Silverstone matriline through her mother, as well as the Silverstone family. She is also a member of the Greene bloodline and the Greene family through her maternal grandfather. She is a member of both The Dawsons and The Millers through her father. She is Crown Princess Alena in Divitia, Princess Alena in Slivatica and is called Miss Dawson within The Millers and informally Alena in The Dawsons. 


Early LifeEdit

Amore's life had already been adventurous before she was even born. Her mother , who had to stay in bed due to complications , didn't feel like letting others take care of her children instead. This mentality would be almost fatal to both of them, as Payton decides to head out and find her kids, who May has kidnapped. In exchange for the life of Amore's siblings and the other children, Payton offers her life and Amore's. Or at least it seems that way. In reality , Payton kills May and a large amound of her following.

When she is born a few days after leaving the hospital and her father's detox , the family feels like they can leave the chapter 'May' behind then , and go on to June , which is when Amore is born.

As a toddler , she grows up in a house full of children, but she never gets pushed away being the baby of the family for a while. Even as a child, she spoke her mind clearly. Something she shares with her aunt Alyssa, as they grow close because of her father and Alyssa ruling the Millers together.

Amore and Florian

Season One

As a teenager, Amore still shows to be an outspoken person and she opts for a musical carreer with her electives at SJBS. She is able to get leads in multiple schoolplays and gets praised a lot. However, when magicschool is in trouble, Amore decides to drop an amazing musical opportunity to help out, showing her true kinded spirit , and her beliefs that family always come first. She gets worked up in the Magical Dimension and being a princess in Divitia, that she looses track of time, a dangerous thing to occur for someone born in the human world. She gets pulled back by her family, but her behaviour alters.

On her 16th birthday, a solar eclipse occurs. The next morning, Amore is gone from her bed. She is found in the attic, on her way to the magical portal. It is discovered that the lunar eclipse took away her ability to live in the human world, and she is dying. She gets taken back to the Magical Dimension and survives, but at a cost. Her hair turned white the moment she entered the magical dimension. During the summer in the human world, Amore recovers while the whole magical community holds their breath on her return. She is able to come back to health, but quickly the less superficial effects of her tranformation become evident. She turns out to have lost her magic, and without it can't live in the human world. This also effects her vampirism, as it is neutralized in the magical dimension, just like Seth.  

Amore is forced to stay in Divitia in the months following, and for the human world has moved to Europe. While there, Amore attends magicschool while Seth remains tutoring her in human education such as math and languages.

However, the people from Divitia hear about Amore's state and they fear that a human with vampire DNA will now lead them. Fights break out in Divitia, but it it soon discovered to be caused by what is left of the Garfunkles, a bloodline that was believed to have ceased to exist. It requires Payton, Claire as well as Pierre, Phoebe and Laura to settle down the situation in the magical dimension. Meanwhile, Jason tries his best at saving his daughter, but proves unsuccesfull at first. That is untill he sees what the combination of witches and wizardsd can do. They then figure out a plan to save amore, by reversing the lunar eclips. With the help of Alexis, who channels the moon, and Amanda, who channels the sun, they are able to create a magnetic forcefield. It gets derived to Amore when they use Earth, provided by Liam, Fire, thanks to Laura, Wind, thanks to Phoebe, and water by Alena. This reinstates Amore's magic, as her appearance returns. She is given a neclace that channels the elements used in the spell to ensure her magic stays in tact. When her powers return, Amore discovers she is capable of cogitokinesis, or thought manipulation. She sets on to using her power on the magical dimension, and ends the revolution. And while friends and family are displeased with the way she manipulated the community, she later reveals to only have planted the thought of self-reflection and openness. Things seemingly go back to normal aside from Amore and AJ, who seem to have lost the connection they had before the return of Amore's magic. Eventually he admits he failed to protect her, and remained distant. Later, the reason of his inability to use Aerokinesis to generate wind turns out to be human blood, which AJ has been consuming to deal with the guilt. He goes in detox and Amore insists on taking care of him. They both talk, and restore their friendship to the way it was before.

Being it is the only way she can take off her neclace and not having to worry about the lack of magic, Amore does sustain her visits to the Magical Dimension, feeling guilt in causing the revolution. She eventually helps rebuilding magicschool which had gotten damaged. She ends up running the place after she graduates from normal highschool, following her uncle's footsteps. In this way she reconnects with Daphné, and they run magicschool together, vampires and witches alike.

After running magicschool for 10 years, Amore sets out to see the world and she visits her siblings and cousins frequently. Upon returning home, she encounters a guy named Mitch on her first visit in Divitia. He turns out to have been a fighter in favor of Amore and the royal families, and the two turn out to have a history of saving one another and almost running in to eachother. Knowing he is from the magical dimension she has to make a choice to be with him. Eventually, she gives up her bracelet 10 years after it was given to her, to keep Mitch alive in the human world. Amore herself looses most of her active powers with this, and her vampire DNA emerges a little bit. Nevertheless she remains alive and still human. She settles near her family home with Mitch, and they have a happy ever after.




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Amore rarely shows signs of vampirism. This is first mentioned when Payton talked about Amore's nutrition and that she didn't need any blood up untill her first birthday, thus surviving the first critical year in dhampirism without feeding. She only started to show signs of natural enhanced (instead of magical powers) strenght and speed after she had lost most of her powers.