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The Ambroise bloodline is the bloodline of descendants of the oldest Ancient Witch , Yara. They live rather secluded in Europe, but internal struggles divides them.

The most notable members of the bloodline include Pierre Ambroise and Sebastien Ambroise.

For the family including the witches and wizards and their human family, see The Ambroise Family.

Meaning and symbolismEdit

The name Ambroise is the European (French and English) version of the latin word Amber , which is also the name of the stone that represented the bloodline ; the lapis Amber or the lapis Electricum. This stone is seen in the middle of a spiral ,the sign of the bloodline. This spiral is part of a special objects such as a necklace , bracelet , …

When he moved to the USA , Pierre Ambroise decided to change his name to Dumoulin to avoid being recognized by his name , since he kept his species a secret for most of his friends (including the Silverstone witches). To remind him of his herritage however , he did wear a bracelet with the lapis Amber in it.


The bloodline hadn't been activated untill the 21st century because the main branch of the bloodline was situated in Europe, and by this it is far away from any danger. However , when one of the descendants moved to the supernatural melting point of Waterfall Creek ,the bloodline was triggered so that Pierre Ambroise , the wizard who activated the bloodline , could protect himself. 

This late activation however results in the fact that the Ambroise-bloodline is the ‘weakest’ of all in the hierarchy , but it stands up in numbers by being the largest bloodline with over 36 witches alive in current time setting.

When the bloodline was activated , Pierre gained the power of tactile hypnosis, a rather unique power which he can only use it when he has physical contact with somebody. This resulted in the following powers evolving upon activation :

  • Vitakinesis
  • tactile hynosis (Pierre)
  • Mnemokinesis (Sebastien)
  • hallucikiniesis (Charlotte)
  • Ferrokinesis (Oliver)
  • Nitrokinesis (June)
  • Thiriokinesis (Camille and Lucas)
  • Omnikinesis (Camille and Lucas combined)

Magical DimensionEdit

The Ambroise bloodline is settled in Solos. Because of the large number of witches and wizards alive , this is the most active region of the magical dimension, but due to the lack of portals in Europe Solos is rarely visited by any of the descendants.

On the Throne in Solos sits King Sebastien Ambroise. His brother, Pierre Ambroise (aka Pierre Dumoulin) , was originally rewarded with the throne after he activated the bloodline , but turned it down because his girlfriend at the time (Payton Silverstone ) didn't know he was magical , and he didn't want his secret to be found out about. 


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For the main line of descendants , see The Ambroise Family

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