Amanda Dawson
Biographical information
Full birthname None
Also known as None
Titles None
Born June 18th 2013
Turned N/A
Died N/A
Age 1
Occupation None
Residence The Silverstone House
Supernatural information
Species Dhampires
Bloodline Unknown
Abilities Brontokinesis/Fulminokinesis


Family & Relationships
Parents Unknown
Siblings Unknown
Relatives Unknown
Sexuality Straight
Relationships None
Children None
Physical description
Height 5'6"
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Portrayed By None
Amanda 'Mandy' Dawson, is one of the twindaugthers of Seth Dawson and Claire Silverstone. Making her half-vampire half-witch. Also known as a Dhampires. Her twinsister is Alexis 'Lexi' Dawson, and they live together in the Silverstone house in Waterfall Creek

She is a member of the Silverstone Bloodline  through her maternal grandmother as well as The Silverstone Family. She is also a member of the Greene Bloodline and The Greene Family through her maternal grandfather. She is also a member of The Dawsons. She is Princess Amanda in Divitia and in Slivatica.


Early LifeEdit

When her mother finds out she is pregnant, there is not one heartbeat heard by Elisabeth Dawson, but two. She is receiving twins. When her mother finds out she is studying in California, but decides to quit because of her pregnancy. Just a few weeks before they are born, their father kind of has a mental breakdown and kidnappes Claire. When he intoxicated her blood with his venom the twins make sure she stayes alive.She is born first and from that moment it gets pretty clear that the girls are very similar, but have their own personalities. 

Season Five

Amanda younger
Very soon they discover that Amanda is more active at night than her twinsister. They eventually figure out that it is because of the fact that Amanda is linked with the moon and her sister with the sun. From that moment they try to adjust their scedules as much as possible. Amanda and Alexis celebrate their first birthday with a party where for the first time in a long while, their families can relax.

Season One

Amanda fierce
When she first goes to school, she is relieved that she still has a lot of time to figure out what she wants. In those four years she learns that her life isn't always easy, as there are a lot of people who want to hurt them. She becomes a member of the cheerleadingsquad when that opportunity presents itself to her sister Alexis, and she decides to audition in spite. After AJ graduates, she goes with him travelling the country, where they find out more about AJ's family, The Carrington Family.
Amanda angry
She comes to love the city Paris and falls in love with a French artist. As AJ Dawson travels to London she stays behind and lives with him for a while. He draws several pictures of her and while living with him she figures out she loves art as well. She moves back to Waterfall Creek for her senior year and tries to have a long distance relationship with her French lover. This doesn't work and they break up after a few months, still remaining friends.


Amanda grew up kind and nurturing, but she liked to defy her parents even as a child. As a teenager, this rebellious streak expressed itself more. Despite the fact that she was the rebel of the family she was still very caring. 

When her rebellion became out of control and her vampirism expressed itself more, it was discovered she and her sister had a special connection to the sun and the moon, causing Amanda's dorment vampirism to emerge while Alexis' magic blossomed. When her parents offered a spell to fix this, she refused. Ever since she has been a loose canon and somewhat unreliable, although she has maintained her loyalty when it really comes down to it.


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Vampirism/Magic (if applies)Edit

Education and CareerEdit