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Aerqua , often refered to as "The North-East" is (as its nickname says) a location in the North-East of the island in the Magical Dimension. Because the descendants of the fourth bloodline has massivly died , this area is mostly abandoned , getting the reputation of 'cold limbo' , a place you go to if you want to die or be alone.

Bloodline & CastleEdit

The fourth witch , Nerilla , had the special ability to control the element of water. Unfortunatly this meant that she was the opposite of Doraeha. When May Miller noticed this ,she felt that the tribe loyal to her (the Hainasoni) was in danger , and she sent her army to kill every single one of Nerilla’s descendants in the human world. So until this day there are no witches of this.

The castle of the fourth bloodline is the blue castle. It seems to consist of only ice on the outside and is located at the bank of a big icy lake. The last descendants from the Arlens are living at the castle at the moment. They don't seem to mind the cold. 


Aerqua is a combination of two words. Water and Air. Aer means air and aqua means water. The area is named after the water that surrounds almost every place in this part of the Island.

Location & ClimateEdit

Aerqua is located in the North-Eastern part of the magical dimension and is known to be the second hardest place to live after Tenebris.

Aerqua is known to be very cold and wet. People don’t like to stay there for long, when they are not originally from that area, as they tend to get a sad feeling when walking around. Almost everything you see is ice or water and that can be very depressing, but to the inhabitants it's home. The coldest day of the year happens around new year. With those cold temperatures people could freeze to death.


When there were still a lot of people living in this part of the Island ice fishing was a sport and there where a lot of competitions involving the fishingsport. People love to watch the snow fall when the weather got a little warmer. The few people still living there still try to keep the few traditions in tact, so they still go out and participate in activities involving water. There is no national holiday known, but they do celebrate new year with building snowmans and having snowfights. 

Nowadays this is the place where many people go if they want to be alone or want to die. No one will disturb you here, as not a lot of people like to challenge the cold.

Significant placesEdit


Coldlea is the main area in Aerqua and is sometimes visited by lost travellers or people who don't want to be alive anymore. It is cold there, but not as cold as in the nort part of the area where Winterfield is located. Once people actually lived there. 

  • The Blue Castle
  • Dead Pool, this is a place where many people have commited suicide. Because of the coldness of the water and the heights of the cliff, you won't feel it when you fall down. 
  • Newind, is where te Blue Castle is situated. It was once the biggest city in Aerqua and inhabited by very important witches and wizards of the Arlen family. 
  • Erigate, This is the gate between Aerqua and slivatica. The gate has a different name on the other side of the border. There it holds the name Fayhedge. 


Is the coldest place in Aerqua. Most of the water has turned to ice in this place and therefor most of the harbours have sealed shut. No one even dares to come here anymore. This was not a very livable place when Aerqua was still inhabited, but it was still used as a place to trade. 

  • Pondcoast, was actually one of the nicest cities in Aerqua once. Despite the cold there were some nice places where you could go to. There was a really nice frozen waterfall, but people don't go there anymore because they are scared of never coming back. 
  • Norhaven, was once the main harbour of Aerqua and housed a lot of pirates. Nowadays it's the coldest ghosttown in the whole magical dimension. You can hear the wind howling between the narrow streets. 
  • Icemill, was a small town located at the north of Winterfield. It was the last town you would find near the border. Closer to the border it only gets colder. No one dared to go there. 
  • Whitehill, is a hill close to the border with Tenebris. It's very dark there, despite its name. In Whitehill are supposed to be a lot of graves of former members of Aerqua. 

Significant inhabitantsEdit

There are no significant inhabitants. There are still a few remaining family's alive this day. A few descendants from the Arlen family and some other small family's.