212 Peter Street apartment
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Liam Miller
Chloë Curtis
Jade Miller
Pierre Ambroise




Waterfall Creek


212 Peter Street

The 212 Peter Street apartment is situated above Claire's Store. Jason transformed it into an appartment when he has his business in Waterfall Creek and his family in Portland. Liam moves in here and the appartment gets renovated by his girlfriend, Chloë. Jade and Pierre also live here briefly when they were presumed dead.


Jason first decorated the place into a small flat, lending half of the space to Claire for storage of her fabrics. Alena often slept there in a crib while Jason was working. He took her to visit Waterfall Creek when he didn't want to be as far apart from her as the Silverstone house would be.

When Liam got offered the space he was glad to be away from his sister's house , but he underestimated the amount of work. In the beginning, Liam and Chloë stayed there, sleeping on a futon. It took a 3 weeks, during which Liam helped renovating with Justin, Dylan and Seth. Chloë and Phoebe decorated the apartment.